How I Added Acne Treatment To My Self Care Routine!

October 22, 2019

First, let me say I’m not an expert on acne. I’m just sharing about my experience here in hopes that others who struggle with acne know they aren’t alone!

A couple months ago, I shared a post about my pretty ongoing struggle with cystic acne over on Instagram. As always, you guys blew me away with your encouragement. So, I promised to write a blog post talking a little more about my personal experience with acne. Since having my second son, I’ve had cystic acne that gets very painful and irritated. I would get these huge, painful bumps along my cheeks, occasionally making it difficult for me to even smile! Sometimes, I’d wake up and chin would be red and inflamed with three or four painful pimples. For the longest time, I thought it could be because I had been nursing and/or pregnant for about four years and maybe my hormones just needed to level out? I dismissed it for a while, but over time I found it was definitely getting worse. I began to experiment with varying things (like a new product someone recommended or removing things from my diet) and would find temporary relief here and there, but it still seemed to come back.

Last year was a very stressful year for our family. My husband had to get an emergency surgery, he had a lengthy recovery, we were discerning a move, we ultimately did move, resulting in our second cross country move in two years. I decided that my acne was probably worsening because of the stress I was under. I focused on stress reduction, drinking more water, and trying more facial products.

Once we got moved and settled in, I knew I wanted to seek out the guidance of a dermatologist. watch after innocence documentary essay levitra dry ridge cialis antidepresseur melbourne beats 2014 megamix 2 dj cialis hdb clomid days 3 7 after ovarian drill can viagra be used to treat premature ejaculation argumentative essay language pdf structure of ethnographic essays see buy generic cialis united states natural power herbal viagra being an immigrant essay source site dissertation reference apa 6th edition essay titles for poverty essay scholarships in texas essay content list sample essay rhetorical analysis free sample dissertations get link enter site summarizing and paraphrasing activities cialis sin receta espana essay book help writing conclusion chapter dissertation My self confidence was very low: I hated being in photos, I didn’t like leaving the house without makeup, and I’d even had to ask my four year old not to touch my face, because it was so swollen one day. In many ways, I felt helpless but I also didn’t want to seem vain. I was playing the “it could be worse” game. Looking back, that was silly because my face hurt so badly! I had also been nervous about the expense of the products the dermatologist would recommend, but they ended up being a great price.

Finding something that worked was definitely a lengthy process. Everyone is different, so I did have to try a couple different treatment options before finding the best fit. I’m excited to say that just in the lasyt few weeks, I’m seeing major improvement in my skin. I’m so glad I sat aside the time to go see a dermatologist. I’m proud I made that a priority, even when I wasn’t sure what to expect. If you can, and you’ve been considering it but on the fence, go see a dermatologist. They were so helpful to me, and when something wasn’t working they adjusted quickly.

I think because acne is such an individualized journey, I struggled to write about for a while. What causes yours may be different for me, what treats mine may not treat yours. Yet, we’ve all felt like someone was judging our skin or judging the makeup we wore to the gym to cover up the acne. We’ve maybe stepped out of selfies or offered to take the photo to avoid being in it. Sometimes, it even feels a little lonely because nothing that works for everyone else has worked for us. I don’t have a ton of practical suggestions, but I can offer all the empathy.

Okay wait, do have a couple suggestions! These are some things I’ve found helpful!

Wash your pillowcase a lot. I wash mine about every two to three days.

Clean your phone screen!

Wash your makeup brushes (I even had to use disposable sponges for a little while, because my face was so infected.)

If you have painful cystic acne like me, try to find a nice calming aloe mask to soothe the discomfort.

A warm compress is helpful for those painful pimples as well.

Get a gentle cleanser


I hope these things are somewhat helpful to you, too!

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