Homeschool ideas for a Wrinkle In Time!

February 28, 2018

Disclosure: We were actually given a book from Disney Press and four free movies to watch a wrinkle in time in theaters at the conference we recently attended (Disney Social Media Moms) we were not asked to write about anything and paid a nominal fee to attend.  All opinions expressed are my own!

Honestly, A Wrinkle In Time is a book for kids a bit older than my preschoolers, but we love to stretch outside of our comfort zones and I really wanted to read this once more before the movie comes out.  If you haven’t seen a preview yet, it looks sensational.  I am HUGE Mindy Kaling fan and Reese Witherspoon has been my favorite celebrity for many years.  The fact Oprah Winfrey is leading up the cast is just… well, it is everything.  Now, let me tell you we had the honor of seeing an extended preview and the visual effects look BREATHTAKING.  I cannot wait to end this unit study with a field trip to the local movie theater.  This read definitely has a sci-fi feel to it, but its underlying themes are courage, kindness, and trust.

We will read a couple chapters throughout each day together during meal times and reading time.

We are going to pair this up with some lessons about space, but our primary themes for my kindergartner and preschooler will be on showing kindness and empathy to people who are different than us.  More importantly, for my boys, powerful discussions can unfold about feeling different.

Inspired by Disney’s philanthropy efforts, we will be doing a service project every day of the week.  I’m going to do a separate post on this with a free printable!

I’m really hopeful my kids will be using this time to stretch their imaginations in their own writing time. We keep a journal and everyday they can add their own content. It’s generally a combination of pictures, stickers, and words. These are among a few things I plan to keep of theirs forever. So, they can watch as their writing develops through the years.

I cannot wait to finish our “lesson” up with a trip to the movies to see how Meg grows as a character on the big screen. I know my boys are going to love the special effects.

And once we finish up, we are going to jump into this book! Stay tuned for our printable service projects list!

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