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February 4, 2020

I have really enjoyed being “homeroom parent” or “room mom,” depending on what you’re school calls it. I’m doing it in Liam’s class this year, and will offer to do it in Sawyer’s class next year. They are only one year apart in school, so it makes it easy to just reuse lists and ideas from the previous year for my little guy. I confess that I was a little nervous about taking on the responsibility of homeroom parent, because I definitely feel like its portrayed as a lot of work. It hasn’t been, and I’ve found it uses a lot of my gifts well! Event planning, coordinating special days, and surprising the teachers a couple times this year.

When you get down to the bottom of this post to print, you’ll see there’s an option for teachers to include their birthdays, favorite things, and a space to mutually work out when you’ll need volunteers for things. I also included areas for writing down events that will happen each month, honestly now that my boys are in school I realize this is good for any parent.

A couple of suggestions:

Sign Up Genius is a free service that allows you to make sign up sheets that will automatically send reminders. You can send this out monthly or you can put together a big sign up at the start of the school and send along reminders.

Shop for class parties and items you might need at after holiday clearance!

Delegate, but be intentional about making sure there’s a job for any/every parent who wants to be involved. Have in-person opportunities, product donation requests, classroom projects, etc.

Know any applicable rules- Can you collect money? Will you have access to everyone’s email address?

Don’t go overboard- I know it can be very tempting (like, I really know) to do every single Pinterest craft and project you see. Kids don’t care about them, so keep everything simple! Have just a couple snacks, water, and fun things you can print for free. They are just happy for a break from the every day!

If you can manage it, have a meeting with the teacher at the start of the school year to discuss anything he/she might need help organizing. This will help you to get special days on the calendar.

Consider scheduling some park play dates, parents coffees or potluck style dinners- I think these are a wonderful way to help parents meet one another! The dinner or a park play date are probably the easiest to ensure more people can come, but consider doing something to get families engaging with each other! I know I’m always happy to put a child’s face with a new I’ve heard so much about.

The Dollar Spot always has your back! At the start of the school year, I found so many adorable teacher gifts and cards. I now have a whole stack of teacher appreciation cards, and I spent 3.00 on them! We will be using them for years to come. So, keep an out and see if they do that again this year.

Consider special occasions and/or diets- One of my son’s teachers is currently eating Keto, so I wouldn’t want to bring her a chocolate cake. (well, unless it was Keto I guess! Haha) Another teacher just had a wedding, so we surprised her with a cute little wedding shower. We didn’t spend a ton of money, but the impact was profound! The kids LOVED it and she felt so celebrated and loved.

Lastly, teachers are always organizing heartfelt sentimental gifts from the kids for parents! If you can sneakily manage it, so something heartfelt and sentimental from the kids. Have them share something they love about her/him. Put together a funny questionnaire.

Being a room parent is also a wonderful way to meet new parents at your kid’s school. This has been nice for us, since we recently moved! Honestly, it’s also been helpful as I’ve transitioned to both boys in school. I feel involved in their school lives, and a lot of this volunteer role I can do from my computer.

If you have a little bit of time, or you can split the work load with a great friend. Jump in there and take a couple things off the teachers’ plates!

This says room mom organization, but I have to admit it would be a wonderful printable for any parent with kiddos in Elementary school. Ask their teachers for contact information and favorites for holiday gifting & keep up with what parties will happen each month/anything you’ve volunteered for!

Also, I linked my team mom printable down below!

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