Home Progress Part 1 with Hedge Apple!

July 20, 2017

Disclosure:  I received this rug in exchange for an honest review from Hedge Apple.  All opinions expressed are my own, and I only support companies I truly love on my blog!

Anyone else have a room in their house they love and adore so much?  That is how I feel about my loft, which is making its way to our playroom/office area.  It is a pretty spacious area, that I’ve put my corner desk in and a new couch we purchased for a great price on Wayfair!  It is right beside the laundry room, so easy to pop up and switch a load of laundry while I work in the mornings.  It is also right between all of our bedrooms, so the boys can run around while I hang out on the couch with a good book.  It gets a ton of natural light, which is awesome.  We do our homeschool activities at the small metal table quite often.  I love the space so much, so versatile and bright.  I’m definitely not done up here, still on the hunt for a couple poufs for the boys, and a petite coffee table.  I’d love to do a large gallery behind our television.

I am loving my new rug from Hedge Apple to tie the room together, the fun pattern ties all the colors together.  The black from my desk, the gray from my couch, and the blue and white from the kids’ table.  It is definitely very soft on the toes,  which is a huge perk for me.  I am a huge fan of area rugs, especially in rental homes, you can easily move them to your new home when the time comes.  However, they also add personalized style at an affordable price to your rental home.

I also have to give a big shout out to the customer service for changing my order about six times as I agonized over which rug to get.  

Seriously, isn’t it beautiful?  

I feel like it adds just the oomph this beige carpet was needing, especially since we are currently just renting and I don’t want to paint anything.

I can tell this rug is also going to be one that lasts for a long time, it is tough.  Tough is important in a little boys’ playroom, in my honest opinion.  I love that it adds some much needed glamour to an otherwise boring loft space.  Which helps me as a creative entrepreneur to work and live in a beautiful space that keeps the creative juices flowing!  I feel like this rug just pulls everything together while being practical and beautiful.


Can you tell my new couch and rug arrived on the same day so I just threw it out and snap some photos, the rug still has its packing creases and the couch cushions are so fluffy they won’t go fully down, that’s why this post is progress.  That’s me- in progress. Anyone else feel that way?!


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    1. I LOVE that rug! I am definitely an area rug person as well. I really want to get a giant one for our living room. Our house has no carpet whatsoever, so I like rugs 🙂

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