Home for the holidays 2020: Fun Things To Do As A Family From Home!

November 18, 2020

I know the holidays look different so many of us this year. In a lot of ways, I feel like our experience as a military family has given us a unique perspective on spending the holidays “alone.” Flights and grad school budget didn’t always mesh so we’ve spent PLENTY of holidays just the four of us. I actually don’t mind. I kind of love it, if I’m being honest. I love being in my house with the people I love most in the world. If anything, I’ve found the hardest to be how confusing this can be for the boys. They see their friends with loved ones nearby and wonder why we don’t have that luxury. However, this year I think this year many of us will be staying home and practicing hospitality right within our own walls. So, I’m hopeful this guide connects you with fun and creative ways to savor a rare slower season with your family.

Start a fun family puzzle. I would never sit down and do a puzzle myself, but I’ve been loving doing them with the boys. It’s good for me, because I feel active and like we are being productive. I also plan to frame these!

Host a family tea time. (With fancy cookies) because honestly why not? I’ve said it before, my boys love doing things that feel grown up. A tea with fancy cookies. Like these that I grabbed from Aldi are just the ticket.

Holiday read alouds! Grab a food family book to read throughout the holiday season.

Enjoy all the perfect Christmas movies!

Let your kids complete these Paint by Sticker activities. They double really nicely as decorations when they are completed!

Watch the Nutcracker live. I’ve seen several places offering this streamed. My friend suggested having everyone get dressed up and serving mock tails and h’ouveres. I thought that was such a sweet idea.

Host a cookie decorating night as a family. This was another fabulous Aldi find! I grabbed these ninjabread men!

Celebrate St. Nicholas day. We love to celebrate St. Nicholas day, as Catholics it’s one of our favorite traditions. Share the history with your kids. It’s a really cool story and who doesn’t like gold coins?

Make a family Christmas count down! Whether that’s an advent calendar or one of those construction paper chains.

Send out Christmas cards.

Pray over the people who send you Christmas cards this year.

Make a s’mores and hot cocoa bar.

Leave some treats and cards on neighbors doorsteps.

Host a virtual ugly sweater party.

Get cozy new pajamas.

Take photos. Keep a journal. Preserve this season. I promise before we know it this time will be behind us and then bustling will resume and we will miss the opportunity to slow down more often. We will miss a slower schedule and free obligations. Perspective is so important. Stay safe and healthy and make memories that will last a lifetime along the way!

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