Holiday Suggestions When The Last You Need Is More Stuff!

November 20, 2019

I know in our family, we’ve been really trying to cut back on stuff and more stuff. I don’t want to be people who find ways to organize things we are never going to use anyway. (And all the mamas say, amen!) We told our boys outright we would be purchasing only three gifts per child this year, and they were totally fine with that. In fact, I think they are having fun narrowing down and changing their toy wants. I don’t want any of us to get so much stuff that we can’t genuinely appreciate what we have. (overwhelm is real, ya’ll.) and honestly, having just completed a second cross country move in two years, we don’t have it in our budget to have a huge Christmas this year.

I think this is something a lot of families wrestle with, wanting to both give our kids the world and wanting raise kids filled with gratitude.

This is an area, I’m personally trying to improve in too. I’ve emptied out my closet, pairing down to essential items and things I genuinely love. I want to spend less time cleaning, quite frankly. Which really lead me to thinking today about creative and unique gifts for the holidays. Here are a few ideas for the whole family!

Magazine subscriptions– – Magazines are one of my favorite things, but not I’d typically get myself. Around the holidays, you can find really discounted magazine subscriptions- which make this an affordable gift that gives year round! (Don’t forget about kids magazines like Highlights or Ranger Rick.

Streaming service gift card– I’d love to get a Hulu, Netflix, or Disney Plus gift card! This is one that takes up no extra space, but can serve an entire family!

Museum Or Zoo membership-
Again, this is one the whole family can enjoy! We even upgraded our gifted membership in Indiana so we could bring friends. We’d pack lunches and spend the day at the Children’s museum or the zoo. If you want to give this in a more tangible grabbed a stuffed animal or a cute lab coat.

Sports Equipment- Kids love it, and parents love not paying for it! Fishing stuff can be spendy, so my boys always ask for that!

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Pick up the tab for an extracurricular activity! Add in a backpack for gear to make it a little more tangible!

Date nights– dinner out, Groupon gift card, babysitting services!

Home décor- – I added this one because we moved last year, and I was so grateful for the gift cards to Lowe’s.

Favorite snacks — how often do we have favorite snacks we never treat ourselves to because they are spendy?!

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Car detailing- I added this because its what I asked for. I love my car, but it has logged some miles. With kids and Goldfish crackers.

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