Holiday Home Tour 2019!

December 2, 2019

Last year, we were just getting settled into our home. We moved in on December 14th, so we didn’t do a lot of decorating. We were just unpacking box after box so decorating just wasn’t on the radar. My boys threw up the Christmas tree, and we promptly took it down the day after Christmas to put in storage in an effort to be more organized.

This year, I wanted to add some festive touches but that can get expensive quickly if you’re not intentional. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to show you guys a few areas I’ve added some Christmas love to and how I’ve kept it cost effective. Also, I’ve kept things light so I don’t have a ton to clean up before starting a new year.

First up, the Christmas tree. This tree is over a decade old and we have been using the same ornaments for just as a long. We do like to buy one sentimental item each year as a reflection of the year.

Next up, I like to add books from the library or thrift shops to cute baskets.

In the bathroom, I just framed a piece of wrapping paper and I love how it turned out! The towel is from Kohl’s and with coupons, it was very affordable!

To save on bedroom decor, I used one twin size sheet set for both bunk beds. The pillows are hand made from a small business.

I added only an advent candle as a centerpiece and an inexpensive tablecloth from Kohl’s. I thought it made this room feel like a Christmas without feeling too cluttered!

My advent wreath this year is just sitting on a cake stand with some bottlebrush trees I got on clearance last year.
I wanted to add a little cheer to my coffee area. One of my favorite areas in my house. I just added some small mugs and used the marshmallows as decor.

I grabbed a beautiful, and very inexpensive wreath (10.00!) from Trader Joe’s.

Old Christmas photos make for beautiful decor as well.

Take a look at what all you have and see how you can use it differently. I even grabbed some Christmas dishes from the thrift store! They were a mere 6.00 but bring me joy every year when I put them out.

Enjoy what you already have, be creative, and create space for what truly matters this holiday season. If you like these simple design ideas, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @thismessyseason for more ideas!

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