Helping your kids learn to appreciate and celebrate their friendships!

February 7, 2018

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by I See Me books.  All opinions expressed are my own.

We live in really delicate times.  Often times, I’m torn between doing too much for my kids and doing too little for my kids..   I want them to have it all really.  I want to raise kids who are well rounded, adventurous, and loyal.  The truth is those lessons are learned best in these early years. I’ve put together my five tips for helping your kids learn to love their little friends well.

  1. Give them opportunities to give gifts to their friends.   Make sure they know special holidays or their friend’s upcoming birthdays.  For Valentine’s Day this year, we let our boys choose one friend to make a special book from I See Me custom books.  They helped choose photos of their pals and together we created a special book to commemorate their friendships.  We love these customized books, and I think they are amazing for gifting.  I love that they allow you to make any occasion special simple customization.
  2. Host playdates.  I know a lot of times we can shy away as parents from hosting  other kids, because it can be stressful.  The truth is, these playdates create powerful opportunities for learning to share, use your imagination, and develop their bond.
  3. Write thank you cards.  When your kids get little gifts from friends, have them write thank you cards to their pals.
  4.  Encourage them to meet new people.  Take them places they can meet new people.  Gym childcare, library storytimes, and other places you can go on a consistent basis are great places to make friends!
  5. Show them what it means to be a friend.  Model for your kids the small gestures that strengthen friendships and make others feel special and loved. In our case, we surprised the boys with a special book about our family and our love for them!  Also from I See Me’s Valentine’s Day line.

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