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December 15, 2017

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Bookshark.  They were gracious enough to give us a preschool curriculum for us to review and explore.  I’ve been able to come up with some great material to share with families learning at home as well.  All opinions expressed are my own! 

What I love MOST of all about Bookshark is that at its foundation, it embraces a love of reading.  They are a literacy based program, so their main focus is on helping children explore new places and ideas through literacy.

I am an avid reader, and of the things I am most passionate about instilling in my children a love of learning.  I truly believe reading is the foundation for developing that love of learning.

Bookshark hand selects the best books for their curriculum programs.  

So, in addition to purchasing their incredible cirriculum for your homes (whether you home school or not, honestly.) Their curriculum can be enjoyed in addition to school, because reading is great at any time!   I decided to put together a list of my favorite ways to creatively make reading something your kids look forward to.

  1. Less television time.  Television makes reading less appealing, because you don’t need your imagination.  (This is a hard one on days we have preschool right now!  I know the boys need down time, but we cannot handle naps anymore.)
  2. Read good, quality material.  All books are not created equally in my honest opinion.  Books that stretch their vocabularies and imaginations.
  3.  Store your books facing out.  You want your children to see their books’ covers.  This makes them more enticing.
  4. Don’t forget to let your kids occasionally pick out and purchase books of their own.  Yard sales, thrift stores, half price books, and scholastic book orders can be incredible for purchasing affordable books.
  5. Listen to audiobooks in the car or while your kids play in their bed rooms. You want to be constantly expanding your kids vocabularies.  The more words they hear, they better.
  6. Make special memories by reading together all the time together.
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