How we Support our Dog During the Holidays with Calmz Anxiety Relief System!

October 26, 2017

I feel like we are always quit to comment on holiday overwhelm for adults and kids, but we so often forget what a traumatizing time of year it can be for our furry companions!  Kids ringing door bells at Halloween, multiple guests visiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas, new smells, fireworks, and even holiday lights.  Our dogs spend the holiday season completely overstimulated!  I was happy to learn about The Calmz Anxiety Relief System this year, just in time for holiday schedules.


Our dog is notorious for getting a little too excited when a new person comes to visit!  The vest sits right on their doggy pressure points to reduce their anxiety, while playing classical music and providing vibrating therapy.  I have found it to be so genuinely to our sweet boy.  I was surprised by how much he loves the classical music.  I know we will be using and loving this amazing device all holiday season long, and if you’ve got a dog that gets especially anxious this time of year.  I strongly encourage you to check it out as well!  I have also included a quick, little video if you want to learn more about this amazing product. I shot a quick video on a walk around our neighborhood. Leaves on the ground, spooky pumpkins, tons of new lights!


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