Graduation, packing, cross travel oh my! An intense update.

May 6, 2017

Our last week has been such a blur, filled with goodbyes, packing, a little chaos, and a lot of love.  We have been here for five years, brought both of our children home from the hospital to this house, and filled every nook and cranny with memories.  This town has such a special place in my heart, and up until this week I’ve felt excited about the move.  This week the sadness caught up to me, my emotions were in overdrive at the graduation ceremony for my husband and the rest of his class receiving their MBAs.  I tried the whole time, I was so incredibly proud of him for not only finishing but have a GPA worth recognizing, being nominated for three of five awards, and knowing he did it all while being a loving and attentive father.  I feel like it goes so much deeper for me, having had a father pass away when I was so young.  It is just heart melting to see him set these examples for our boys.  To teach them: with God, hard work, and a great support system you can achieve anything.

Sawyer has lived 2/3 of his life with his dad being an occasionally preoccupied student, he was only ten months old when my husband went to school to get his masters degree.  I’m pretty over the moon to have family dinner again, to have someone to tackle bedtime with more often than not, and to get a new house!   (can’t wait to share photos of our little home projects and decor!)

You can count on a sappy goodbye post in a few days, but for now I’m focusing on the fun.

We are about to go on an epic road trip!

I’ve scheduled a fun activity for each stop along the way, swimming at hotels, or a quick children’s museum stop.  I have our homeschool lessons mapped out.  (Leap frog videos, audiobooks, and clipboard writing work.)

podcasts and audiobooks are downloaded to my phone: risen motherhood, wonder, into the water, and the jungle book.

Our home has been organized, purged, and everything we will never use again has been donated, trashed, etc.  Everything that is going into our new place will be something we love and adore and actually use.

I’m so excited to have you follow along during this nerve wrecking, thrilling time of adventure.

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