Gluten Free Advent Cake In Less Than 30 Minutes!

December 6, 2017


In my humble opinion, I am a pretty good chef!  I love to dive into a good cookbook, I’ll scour them for inspiration and new recipes.  With that said, I have two small children underfoot so it is important to me that I be mindful of our time.
I had the chance to partner up with  Immaculate Baking Co. to showcase their products in a recipe.  I used one product to treat my family to a special St. Nicholas/ Advent dessert!  We have been mindfully shifting our eating to healthier options, so I was eager to create a sweet treat for my crew.
However, this week has been so incredibly busy for us.  So, I knew it had to be a nutritious quick treat.  Enter  Immaculate Baking Co. with their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!  You guys, I truly did the following to create this:
-Preheat oven to 350
-Grease loaf pan.
-Add the cookie dough into the loaf pan.
-Optional: Sprinkle with Gluten Free Powdered Sugar for garnish
-Let it Cool
-Add four candles
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    1. Looks so good! You know I’m always looking for new gluten free options. I’ll have to try it!

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