Gift Guide For The Next Generation Of Harry Potter Lovers!

November 23, 2018

Disclosure:  We received some LEGO products and the Kano Harry Potter for free for consideration.  Most of the LEGO sets featured in this post are actually from Liam’s birthday presents!  [There are no affiliate links in this post.]

I’m keeping it short and sweet today, because I know a lot of us are shopping today and don’t have a ton of time for reading.

Here are my gift suggestions if you have an aspired Hogwarts pupil in your home. Liam has graciously agreed to weigh in and share from a kid perspective the hottest toys!  My son is six, as a point of reference!

Illustrated books– So, while I typically recommend getting the books from the library, for the purpose of gifting I want to recommend the beautiful illustrated books.  They are stunning, and the last time I checked Amazon had the best price!  (Costco also had a great price for the set!)

Movie Night Kits- Grab some of the movies, some popcorn, make some butterbeer, and throw in some Bertie Bott’s Every flavor beans.  Easy, cute gift!

This incredible coding wand from Kano-  I’ve had Kano products on my radar since I stumbled across them at Best Buy a few months back.  They offer age appropriate technology that kids can build themselves [AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE!!!]  I knew they had laptops kids could build themselves, but a few weeks back I realized they have a Harry Potter coding wand.  It is the first ever Harry Potter STEM product!  The kids follow a step by step coding guide.  Once it has been set the wand tracks your hand movements and begins to recognize the motions of signature spells!  It’s under a 100.00 and well worth the value.  Stay tuned, because Liam will be doing a video demonstration.

The Harry Potter LEGO sets- Can I open by making a confession?  When I went to take photos, I accidentally dropped one of Liam’s bigger sets and broke it.  I was too scared to attempt relocating them again so I ended up just taking photos atop his LEGO table.  His birthday party was back in September, and anyone who asked what he wanted was met with the answer “Harry Potter LEGO sets, please”  So, he truly ended up with most of them, and I have to say they’re amazing.  He loves to recreate his favorite scenes from the books with his friends.  As a stocking stuffer, they’ve got the Harry Potter “blind bags” right now, and the kids love them.  If you’re shopping for your “bigger gift” this year, the Hogwarts great hall is truly the best value.  It’s right around 99.00, and that includes the large set with a boat and minifigures!  For a more budget friendly option, I recommend Aragog’s Lair (well under 20 bucks) but a good value for all it includes.  Of course, the LEGO BrickHeadz always make great gifts and the kids LOVE them.  I have linked to the official LEGO store, because I like to earn the rewards from shopping directly through their store.   Harry Potter Sorting Hat– I have to confess, I didn’t expect this to only cost 24.99!  I linked to the Target version here, but I was expecting this to be more like 100.00 toy.  It’s a talking hat that sorts you into your respective Hogwarts house!  How fun would that be for a HP inspired birthday party!?

Harry Potter clothes- this way your kids can proudly share their house colors.  My favorite is this pair of pajamas from Target! They have these in matching sizes for the whole family!

And of course, the ultimate experience gift: A trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios!

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