Getting by with the help of friends: supporting family caregivers in your community

December 15, 2017

My great grandmother took me in a couple years before her 70th birthday.  Her husband had passed about ten years before, and she’d been filling her days with volunteer work and church before the opportunity to bring in another child presented itself. We had so much fun together, our home’s soundtrack was laughter, and if we ever fought-  it was more like a married couple bickering.  She taught me to sew, we’d watch Little House on the Prairie, and we’d go on trips with the local senior citizens group.  I was one of the girls, honestly.  As she aged, we were supported by the community.  Every holiday season, people would show up with cookies and fruits.  We’d get hams delivered by the church her husband had been a pastor at for many years.  We just felt loved.
This weekend, I was so moved by my church offering a free conference for unpaid caretakers.  They put together a support six week class and program for our church family caring for family members in their care.  It moved me, because I know as I got older and started transitioning from the one being cared for to the one providing the care, I would have loved that support. It really inspired me to evaluate how I could be the village for someone in a similar transitional phase.  My thoughts shifted to food, and providing nutritional options to those who could use it.
Sam’s Club makes it easier and more discreet than ever to find the items you need to care for your family members or if you’re not in that role right now, to purchase items to distribute in your local community.  You can order online and have it shipped directly to your door, you can shop in club and pay through the app, or you can send someone out to do a club pick up!  It’s a quick way to grab your stuff and head on to your next activity, while preserving dignity.  For me, I love to utilize the shipping to the door option and being able to send my great grandmother Ensure, which is her favorite.  I also thought it would be sweet to get some in her honor to donate to our church and the new program they are starting up.  I hope you’ll take some time this holiday to spread some cheer to a demographic that may be forgotten.  Merry Christmas!
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