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June 20, 2017

When I started blogging, I had no idea how many opportunities I would be blessed with.  This blog has supported my family, helped me meet so many amazing people, and most importantly gotten me many emails from women and mothers saying they’ve been blessed by some of the content I’ve curated.

Having just moved though, and feeling particularly homesick, I thought it would be nice to get back to the days of incorporating regular recaps of my week and our lives here in Oregon.

I am definitely feeling much more settled!  We are unpacked, boys are sleeping 100 times better, and I’ve stopped waking up at 3:00 am every morning and just feeling miserable for an hour until I settle back to sleep.  Time change was hard, to be honest.  We are definitely still struggling with the “witching hour” but this week I’ve got a plan of attack.  I have planned some special little activities to help us push through the long afternoon hours.  The weather was just disgusting last week, so that made for some unique challenges.  The boys were just tripping, there’s not another way to explain.

So.Much.Fighting.  So.Much.Destruction.  

Despite some rough hours scattered throughout, we ultimately had a wonderful week.  The newness of our new city, is still strong.  We hit up the OMSI (Which is the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) Thankful that our neighbors have a membership and brought us along for free.  We had been last summer, but a lot of things were shut down while we were here before.  It was even more fun with friends and all of the exhibits being open this time around.

We also got the LEGO Batman movie, and did a movie time with friends one afternoon.  It was all fun and games until it turned fight club!

We definitely spent a lot of time at the gym last week, it really helped us all to get out of the house and go play.  The boys love going because the teachers there regularly take them to explore the grounds.  I’ve been running on the treadmill and noticed them on the track several times, they love it.  (and let’s be honest, so do I.)

On Friday, we rounded out the week with sort of a busy day.  We went to a craft time at the local toy store, where the boys made stepping stones.  This was sort of special for me, because when I was a kid I made a stepping stone every summer.  I couldn’t tell you where they ended up, but I remember doing it every summer at church.  Plus, it was a fun way to hang out with friends and get a cool craft achieved.  We ate packed lunches afterwards and then went to see Cars 3 in theaters.  I had some free credit for movie tickets from a coupon deal we used, and I packed snacks from home to make that a free activity.  The cute thing about this is that, I expected Sawyer to love Cars 3, but Liam ended up being the one really into it.

Saturday- we went to the gym and then headed over to a friend’s house.  We actually spent the entire day with them, catching up on life since graduate school. We even went to a new restaurant, where Sawyer sort of melted down.  No nap caught up to him hard, if you know what I’m screaming.

Sunday, Father’s Day, we went to mass (I’m still adjusting to going to church at 8:45 am) we are officially members of a parish here,  I’m so excited to dive in an start building some community there, although it does seem much stops during the summer months.  I’m personally fine with that, because the summer should be filled with outside time and popsicles.  We took my husband, our favorite day, fishing.  The boys were so into it, it was deliriously cute.  Liam caught eight fish, and Sawyer caught four.  They’ve already been planning our next fishing trip, and their dad is pumped.  He loves to fish, so it was a really special thing to be witness to.

The weeks here are definitely getting easier, two of my closest friends just moved three hours away so I’m happy to know they are a quick drive away.  I’m trying to get over my FOMO, every time my friends share photos together.  I miss my village, but I am doing a good job of building one here.  We landed in a neighborhood filled with incredible people, which has made the transition significantly smoother.  Moving isn’t all sad though, I’ve been having a blast working on our new house to create a practical space for our family.  Since we are currently just renting, it’s also important that everything we bring into our home for decor purposes, be easily transferred to a new home when that time comes.

This week is supposed to be gorgeous, weather wise.  So, we will be at the pool, splash pad, playing water balloons on our street.  Of course, we have a full schedule of less fun stuff to tackle: oil change, grocery shopping, and possibly dentist appointments.

Overall, we are feeling home.  The vacation feeling is wearing off, and I am feeling progressively more at home.  I’ve got some fun projects on my radar for the summer.  The boys are also off to a couple summer camps now that school wraps up next week.  Then, summer will officially begin in the PNW.  We are ready!


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    1. You guys look like you’re settling in to your new home well! Yay for swimming and splash pads (but not that other stuff haha).

    1. New to your blog!! Loved reading this. Sometimes it’s best just to go back to what brought you to blogging in the first place! Oregon must be so nice.. I’ve always lived much more south! Witching out is the WORST lol 🙂

      1. I’m originally from the south and I loved it there too but oregon doesn’t have all that pesky humidity hahah

      1. I’m telling you come stay with me!!! Bring your kids. Mama/Kid-cation! And your husband. Yolo 😂

    1. I always love reading people’s weekly recaps! Your family is adorable and I love seeing your photos!

    1. Love all the pictures. I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling more settled. I hope you finally have caught up with the time change!

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