Fun Mom Hacks From One Enneagram 7 Mama.

June 23, 2020

I was never much for personality tests, but I heard so much about the enneagram that eventually I did get around to trying it out and okay yeah. So. It’s spot on. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from studying the enneagram too, practical means for self improvement. In my case, I’m always up for fun. I don’t like feeling sad. I’d rather try a new restaurant. So, I have to actively work on making sure I’m experiencing all my emotions and not just the cheerful ones. EXCEPT on days like today, when I’m sharing fun ass things to do with your kids because y’all ask for it in stories. So. Let’s. Get. Into. It.

I want to give a quick disclaimer though, I know social distancing looks differently depending where you are. These suggestions I put together with the idea, you’re still mostly at home. Looking to have Camp Amazon Prime on a budget.

Order some books and “workbooks.” My kids really love these Paint by Stickers kids and Brain Quest summer workbooks. Normally, I’d tell you to go to the library each week and utilize their summer programming and get books but I don’t know if that’s an option. So, also order a few chapter books for summer reading.

Get a solid water activity. Whether that’s water balloons, a budget friendly water hose, inflatable pool, etc. I’m still reeling that my friend handed down this amazing bounce house to us, I’ve turned into a water activity by spraying it with the water hose. Ha!

Spring for some fun, out of the ordinary, snacks.

Make a list of recipes to make together.

Make a movie bucket list of movies you’d like to watch together over the summer.

Make s’mores in the backyard.

Spring for a new LEGO set to build together.

Participate in free virtual camps or drawing classes.

Order some board games! We’ve been so into board games lately. Favorites like: scrabble junior and connect four.

Grab a big family size puzzle.

Have a car picnic. Go order through a drive thru and picnic in the trunk.

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