Having fun with your kiddos in Astoria, Oregon

June 23, 2016

So, continuing our Astoria recap and tips, I thought I would share some of the best places we went and some other fun things you might do with your family while you’re there.

The views in Astoria are incredible.  You could pretty much just walk around and be happy.  My kids enjoyed looking at the boats and watching our for geese.  Here are some other ideas!  Comment if you have more:

The trolley:  This was one thing I was most excited to do, but didn’t get to do.  It runs everyday 12-7, weather permitting.  It’s ran by volunteers, who tell their individual stories of Astoria and it just looked like so much fun.  It is 1.00 per ride, or ride all day for 2 bucks as I understand it.  The ride lasts about an hour if you do it all at once or you can get off and back on.

Astoria Column- I didn’t really catch all of the historical parts, but I loved the view.  You pay 5 bucks for parking here for a full calendar year, and you can buy little airplanes to throw from the top (my kids thought this was amazing.) and take in the sights below. the small airplanes Tapiola Park- There are many parks in Astoria, but this is the one we landed on.  It was so cute, it had a castle theme – with boat accents.  It was really darling and a great way to burn off energy with little kids!

Doughboy Monument- This is a great place to take children to talk with them about the first World War.

Goonies House- You can’t go up to, but you can see it from the road!

The school from Kindergarten cop- I mean, you’re there.  Why not?

DSC_0219Astoria Aquatic Center– indoor pool that looks incredibly nice

Firefighter’s Museum– this looked so cute, but the hours didn’t align with our trip there.

Columbia River Maritime Museum- This looks incredibly fun!  When we go back, we will definitely be visiting.  The locals told me this place is great for every age.

Astoria Children’s Museum- this is located right above the firefighter’s museum, the reviews say it’s dirty but I thought it looked cute.

Bouy Brewery & Restaurant: We enjoyed this restaurant for dinner one night.  The kids meals are cheap, the beer is good, and the seafood was a nice change of pace for us Midwesterners.  I thought it was really kid friendly and really delicious. I loved being able to look out over the water while we ate, it so peaceful and provided adequate entertainment for the boys.

buoy brewing DSC_0205


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