Fun For Kids When Nothing Feels That Fun.

March 16, 2020

I’m an anxious mess, this gloom and doom is just too much for this hypochrondriac, Enneagram seven. I love being in community with others, planning parties, researching cheap flights, planning my next adventure. BUT I’m also a recovering busy body, and kind of looking forward to a reset with my kids. T’his year has been rushed and busy, mornings hectic even for me as a morning person. I work from home as a full time travel blogger, so this is not what I would call my busy season. It’s quite the opposite, I’m not sure what the future even holds for me. Since I can’t control any of those things– I thought I’d shift my focus and share a few ideas for things to do with your kids while they are home. As much as I want to say we are going to have a super rigorous schedule, and work hella hard.. it ain’t going to happen. This time has shown me how quickly things can change in this world, and if anything I want to focus on enjoying my kids. I suspect we will all get tired of each other, they will wrestle, I will yell once or twice. But time is a non-renewable resource, and I want to fill it with fun. I want them to reflect on this time when they read about it in history books with their kids and remember that it brought us closer together.

Disney Plus-– Frozen 2 is on there now, so this will take care of 1/4 of our homeschool day. My friend put together an amazing post with 50 some great movies and shows to watch.

Stickers— IDGAF how old your kids are, kids love stickers.

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Writing letters// coloring— We are on some Little House on the Prairie shit right now, so own it. Teach your kids how to write a proper letter. This is a skill that should never expire. Teach them how to properly address an envelope, write a check, and write their name in cursive. Life Skills 101

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Complete their school work, if applicable— teachers are great, and they’ve meticulously put together work to sustain these kids during this gap. Take advantage of that before you go adding anything else to your list. I know I’m certainly in a season of needing to save money.

Free printables-– Okay, if you have a printer, there are so many amazing free printables available online. Follow me on Pinterest as I’m currently setting up a Pinterest board with resources.

Go Noodle-– My kids told me about this app for moving your body, it’s pretty cute and it’s free.

Cosmic Kids Yoga— my boys love this, when we homeschooled before they were super into it.

Deep clean the house— We all get busy and that one closet in the hallway because your drop zone for things. Let’s take advantage of this bonus free time and tackle some purging projects. I know it’s also a great time to make some donations.

Read a book— I love to read, it soothes me. Adding this to the list for all the people who comment on my posts that you wish you had time to read. Guess what? Now ya do. (This is a great time to start an audibook or read aloud chapter book with the kids, too!)

Get outside— Take a walk, ride a bike, do art with chalk, play catch.

Watch Ninja Kids on youtube– I love their channel!

Eat lunch outside— kids really love doing regular shit in a new environment. So mix up your every day activities with a new location.

Serve others— This one I feel like I need to get creative with, but I was hoping to have my kids ask neighbors if they can help them with anything or if we can drop off anything etc.

Slow down, save your money, FaceTime friends. This too shall pass.

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