Fun + EASY Things To Do For Valentine’s Day 2020 With Your Kids!

January 24, 2020

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love LOVE. I love Pink. You combine those things and fill the aisles of Target with them, and you better believe I’m gonna TURN UP in the dollar spot. So, today as we get ready to enter February, which feels nuts to me. I’m going to share a few ideas for you guys for fun stuff to do this LOVELY holiday. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY STORY HIGHLIGHTS ON INSTAGRAM FOR MORE IDEAS!

Get going on classroom Valentines early, if you can. There are a lot of amazing free printables on Pinterest, as well as some great complete kits at Wal-Mart and Target. Hopefully, you caught my blog post on what to buy after Christmas and already have red plates and all that fun stuff!

Make pink milk! I like to take Hershey’s strawberry sauce, and stir into milk! It makes pink milk, is a fun treat, and the kids love it.

Spread love- Use this as an opportunity to help your kids spread love. I got some little notes from the dollar spot of Target with encouraging messages (you can see an example on my IG stories!) and I’ve been encouraging the boys to pass them out. I’ve even been passing them out to my friends.

Put together a pink and red snack tray! – Now this one is fun, get creative and put together a fun tray for the kids.

Read Valentine’s day books- of course, get these at the library!

Grab a Valentine’s Day show or movie from the library- I have found these to be a little hard to come by!

Plan one on one dates with your kids. Okay, this one is such a struggle for me. I really, really want to be better about setting aside one on one time with each of my sons, so what better for that than Valentine’s day!?

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