Frugal Friday: Why You Need A “Gift Closet”

February 15, 2019

So, I really sat the intention to get back into deal blogging this year!

Personal finance is something I care so much about, and over the years I feel like I’ve gotten away from it.  For me, it has been one of those topics I can never tell if people read or not.  BUT.. whatever, I love personal finance, I love good deals, and see censorship necessary modern society essay mla essay name format crestor infoacion en espa ol best way to conclude essay levitra and viagra comparison crestor chirality r and s click here the bean trees essay topics jazz research paper topics source site source url slaty skimmer female viagra follow canadian xlri essays battement dance definition essay go here bactriban without a prescription metoject pen 20mg cialis viagra makes me light headed how to write a research paper formally cheap academic essay editor website uk sample act essay I love doing it simply and easily so that saving money doesn’t also become something that takes away from my family.

Today, I’m hoping on here with a real quick blurb about creating “gift closets”. I’ve shared about this in stories and y’all had a few questions and wanted some specifics. So, hopefully this blog post will give you some clarity and inspiration!

So, I have two kids (4&6) and they get invited to a lot of parties throughout the year. Now, I know a lot people are thinking “what about just saying no?” Now, I’m not saying that you need to attend every party you’re invited to. We do try to attend any child’s party we are invited to. I have read many articles about kids having no one show up to their special days and that breaks my heart. So, if we are able to, we try to attend. Also, I like to get gifts for friends on their birthdays or when someone has a special occasion (like a new baby! Or a wedding!) being generous doesn’t have to break your bank, there’s really just a need for thoughtfulness! (And creativity!)

So, to break this down- I have a closet that I store gifts for people in. This closet also has some cards, and wrapping supplies.

I like to stockpile gifts at yard sales, and after holiday clearance. For example, I grabbed this play dough bags for 3.00 each. I’m going to remove them from the Valentine’s Day packaging and pair them with cookie cutters from a thrift store, winter clearance, or a yard sale. What preschooler is wouldn’t love that?

I love a good post holiday clearance, but in order for it to be functional. You need a limit. So, for us, at Christmas I know I’ll spend 150.00 on paper products (but I’m buying my zip lock bags for the year, including what I will donate to my son’s class, I look for neutral wrapping paper, and gifts for future occasions.) Valentine’s Day – I allotted 25.00 for gifts and supplies. (I grabbed items for future party favors!, LEGO SETS (with free LEGOLAND Florida tickets on the back!, and play dough.) I also grabbed plates and cups for book club (another frugal social gathering!)

To add a personal touch to each pre-planned gift, I have the boys write a personal card.

Also, I stockpile free cards when companies like Shutterfly offer for 10 free cards. These add a really sweet personalized touch. Also, make a great gift if you’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up!

Insider tip: A lot of times it will say 10 free “thank you cards” but this doesn’t mean it’s just thank you cards.

When you’re trying live a more financially intentional lifestyle, I always encourage people to ask if they have an income problem or a spending problem (I think this is Dave Ramsey wisdom?) but it really resonated with me.  (Ya’ll know how much I love him.)   Making any amount of money helps us in no way if we’re spending it frivolously.  I think gifts are always an easy one to justify, right?  I urge you to take a look at all you’re spending on and get creative with where it’s going.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some individual posts to help you save throughout this new year!

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