Foster Care Wishlist: What To Add!

July 25, 2020

I said I’d do a post on this months ago, and I’m sorry to just be getting around to it. A fostering friend suggested to me that before we become foster parents we start a wish list, I’m glad I did! What I learned is that your friends want to help, and this makes things easy on them. Your actual needs/wants are on one page. I also made sure my friends knew we were open to hand me down versions of anything on our list. This was such a blessing to us, but more importantly the sweet kids coming into our home.

So, after some research, I went with a baby registry instead of a wish list. I’ll share the pros and cons to both. I used Amazon, because I felt that would be easiest for most. I couldn’t find a platform that accommodated kids who were not babies. So, I just created a baby registry with kids 3 and older in mind. The reasons I opted to do an Amazon baby registry vice a wishlist: when your registry is done you get a coupon at the end to take care of anything else you need and you can also earn a year long (I think it is) discount on diapers. I wanted to have that option available to me, should I get a child still in diapers. Now, there’s some advantages to the Wishlist as well. I noticed with the wishlist option you could actually add food gift cards.

Overall, the baby registry won out for me. In my last post, I suggested you make yourself familiar with resources in your area. For example, we have a wonderful foster closet in our area so I didn’t add a lot in the way of clothing. I did add gender neutral Amazon basics socks though. I didn’t add any gender specific items.

I had one extra bed and found a second one being handed down locally, so I knew I’d need bedding.

I did want the gender neutral to match and feel beautiful for anyone who would be sleeping in there. I also wanted to make sure I added a plastic mattress cover to each bed that could be easily wiped off if any potty accidents inevitably happened. I think this is the one we requested, but I could be wrong.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin)

This is the bedding we went with. I loved the grey and white, it seemed very neutral and clean.

For sheets, I just added a couple sets of these Amazon basics sheets in white. I loved the crispiness of the white and hoped it would make guests feel clean and comfortable. They are also very affordable, so if they got ruined so be it. I also ALWAYS try to keep an eye on for extras at thrift store to swap in and out with.

I also added several books to my registry with a variety of characters. Normally, I would have gotten books at the library. BUT. I wanted to have some that I could send back home with children if they were reunified to if they moved on to a different home with a relative this would HOPEFULLY bring them comfort in a new place. I also added two joke books, so the boys could do those together.

I added bath products like shampoos and lotions.

I requested a couple of nice hooded towels. Something snuggly and soft and special for them after bathtime. Plus, it’s always theirs wherever they go.

First aid kit- this one was random, but I knew we needed one for our homestudy along with some other random things like fire extinguishers and ladders. I was so grateful someone gifted us a first aid kit, because you can never have enough band aids.

I also added two gender neutral Yeti water bottles- My older sons have these and I wanted our fosters to not feel left out! So, I picked two gender neutral colors and added those. I also had recently read the importance of hydration for the brain so I’ve turned into the hydration team.

I also added snacks, which probably sounds random. BUT HEAR ME OUT. I had read in a book a suggestion to create a “yes” basket, so kids can take a snack from the basket any time or even leave one in their room. I didn’t want anyone in my house to ever fear they wouldn’t have food! So, I added snacks to help me spread the snacks out around the house.

Also– we added some activities we could all do together like puzzles, activity books, board games.

Some things I wish I had added:

A sound machine.

A humidifier.

A step stool.

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