August 24, 2018

I used to believe that rental homes weren’t worth the effort. I would tell myself that when we owned our home, we’d make it ours. We would devote that time. Like anyone with an interest in interior design, I had a Pinterest page filled with ideas for my future home. I envisaged a large, farmhouse kitchen and a sleek wet-room bathroom with a large shower glass panel and lots of tiles. However, my husband was in the military for years, and then we did grad school, and we knew we’d be moving after that as well. So, somewhere through those years, I realized that homemaking really means making a home where you are.

So, if you’re in a season of waiting, uncertainty, or you ARE certain you’ll be in your current temporary home for a little while. Consider implementing some of these 5.00 strategies for making your home more beautiful and more you.

1) Declutter. This is a free way to create more square footage in your home. GET RID OF THINGS. Look at things you already have and see if there’s a new way you can use it. Not only this, but clean! A tidy, spotless room makes a world of difference – especially the floors. Bring a steam cleaner to the fight against dirty, messy or filthy floors to turn them around and look like new! Decluttering is especially important if you work from home or have a home office. No one likes to work in a cluttered space so having a tidy will really help your productivity, as well as making the room look better. There are lots of things you can do to make the place look less cluttered. A friend was telling me that her home office was full of random receipts and documents and I told her about my favorite neat scanner alternative. Document management is a huge part of decluttering and it can really help so check it out!

2) Put some flowers on the table. Years ago, I would have told you flowers are a huge waste of money. Then, I spent my first winter in Indiana and realized that .99 clearance flowers from Kroger could in fact heal your spirit on another snowy day.

3) Free Printables. They are really inexpensive way to add some personality to your home or seasonal flare without committing to big ticket items.

4) Paint samples- paint samples are usually no more than two dollars, but can be just enough to create an accent wall or give new life to a bookshelf. Paint your front door! If you wanted to decorate a larger area, such as bedroom walls, it might be worth using wallpaper rather than paint. Wallpaper can be just as cheap, if not cheaper than paint! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out the peel and stick wallpaper from Simple Shapes, you’re bound to love it!

5) Hit the dollar tree- The dollar tree is such a great place to find some wall decor. I have some adhesive quotes filling in space on gallery walls or inspiring guests when they go to the bathroom. I’ve found simple organization items, photos, picture frames, and so much more to give my hous e a little refresh!

6) Clearance finds with caution. I want you to utilize great clearance finds, while also avoiding cancelling out your decluttering work.

7) Thrift stores. The thrift store is a great place to find items for your home as is or to paint and re-purpose.

8) Decorate with what you already have. Can you move some pieces around in your living room to create more space or a new vibe? Could you move some vintage books from the back of a dusty bookshelf to your entryway? Could you get out party serving trays and use those for styling your books on a coffee table? Can your kids dinosaur collection double as decor? Get creative with what you already own.

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    1. Love the clearance with caution! And I loved when you painted back of bookcases it gave such a ice change to the room! 🙂

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