Fishing With Kids In & Around Jacksonville, Florida

March 10, 2020

Fishing season 2020 is finally upon us, so I thought I would spend a little time sharing some things you can get your kids involved in if you live near the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.

If you’re a family looking to learn more about fishing and eat delicious food, I highly recommend investing in a family membership for the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club. We joined a little over a year ago, and have learned so much. We have some incredible fishing friendships and the food at each meeting is always amazing. They have great speakers and resources, and I think it is a wonderful starting place. (especially if you’re like us, and knew nothing about fishing except for your kids really into it.)

We attended the clinic below last year, and it was wonderful for the kids. If you check it out, be sure to look for a poster promoting the AMVETS kids tournament, we found the flyer for that one when we went over to Vilano for this, but never saw anything about it online.

Be sure to also check out the FREE Kids Saltwater fishing clinic located all around the state. These are amazing, as they usually include a free rod and reel combo for the kids who participate. Find all those details here!

I also wanted to suggest you follow Hook the Future on social media, they are regularly hosting pop up kids fishing seminars and have a very obvious passion for young anglers. Don Dingman hosts a great little fishing show for kids, all the details can be found on his website.

The Greater Jacksonville Kingfish tournament has a fabulous dock tournament for kids with a lunch afterward, it is a wonderful event for kids to get them excited about the sport and I will tell you our boys got incredible gift bags. Stay tuned as I will be updating this as more events get posted!

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