My Favorite Dollar Tree Finds For Kids…

February 9, 2018

I adore the Dollar Tree.  I love to shop there, and I also love to give my kids a few dollars and let them choose some items.  Yesterday, I walked around the Dollar Tree with my phone snapping photos of my favorite Dollar Tree finds.  I’m also going to share how we use them!

Craft section- I like to get the kids get cray cray in this section.  Then, I bring those items home and store them in a shower caddy I also purchased at the Dollar Tree.

They have a section of educational supplies- this is where I love to stock up for homeschool.  I got dry erase boards with the alphabet on them, paper, and the adorable alphabet game my kids are playing above.  This a great area to frequent for workbooks/coloring books/etc.

See if your DT has Test Tube Toys- I just stumbled on these yesterday, but they are TOO COOL.  It’s a small experiment in a tube with instructions your kids can do.

Sports essentials- I saw bases for baseball,jump ropes,  and cones for all sports. (my kids also used those cones last night to mark an area for gold digging.)

Sensory activities- The Dollar Tree is an amazing place to get sensory activities.  Those small animals are perfect for sensory activities, I’ll add rice or beans to our water table and require the kids to dig for the animals and identify what they find.

Themed items- The Dollar Tree is a great place to find items for holidays or that are a specific color to supplement your child’s homeschool or just life in general.

Stickers- The Dollar Tree has ALL.THE.STICKERS.

Items for Vacation- So, we stocked up yesterday on things for our upcoming Disneyworld trip.  I got some cute Mickey glow sticks, some ponchos, and coloring books for the plane ride.

My real life bestie also shared her Dollar Tree Favorites go check it out!  




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    1. I’m going to have to hit up my local Dollar Tree! I want to get R prepared for preschool!

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