Fat Tuesday Family Dinner Ideas!

February 6, 2020

So, my husband literally never asks for anything specific for holidays. He’s very much a “I don’t need anything” kind of guy. However, this Christmas he asked for a very specific pot to cook in. I quickly realized he wanted one we could set up in the backyard, and cook for a large group! This dinner doesn’t call for a large pot, but I had to show ya’ll the complete joy on his face, cooking for the first time in this pot!

For Fat Tuesday, I think low country boil! You can make this just the right size for your family. I love being able to throw everything in one pot and leave it. We did this on special occasions, even before we had our giant pot!

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Another fun option, if you have access to them locally = oysters! I’m not a huge raw oyster fan, but recently I tried them with a little cheese hot off the grill and loved them!

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Couple other options= breakfast for dinner or a soup and bread bar! I’ve read in the past that Shrove Tuesday’s traditional meal is pancakes so I also thought a pancake bar could be fun.

I even grabbed the boys these tiny little bottles of sparkling cider!

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King Cake for dessert! Find out who in your family will get the baby! PS- If you (like me) have had a difficult finding plastic babies, check Wal-Mart! I got a package of them for under two bucks!

Table Talk: Discuss what you will abstain from during the Lenten season!

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