Farmhouse Inspired Outdoor Parties Made Light This Summer!

June 19, 2018

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JENNIE-O® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’m honestly quite rigorous about requiring my kids to be outside when the sun is shining.  We spend huge chunks of days outside: visiting the pool, exploring a new park, or just relaxing with a good book in front of our house. (we don’t have a backyard here.) For me, summer is all about family and friends.  Summer is such an easy time to host, because you can bring the party to your deck (or in our case, the concrete patio we keep our table and bench on.) We love to fire up the grill, and we don’t feel like we need to sacrifice healthy options to grill and chill with our squad. (usually consisting of a bunch preschoolers and their parents.)  That’s why we love JENNIE-O® products for a delicious, lean alternative to traditional beef burger patties.  They taste great on a burger bun or wrapped in lettuce, and our kids and their friends loved them just as much as the adults.  We whipped up some JENNIE-O® ¼ lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers, some JENNIE-O® Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Turkey Burgers, and JENNIE-O® Uncured Turkey Breast Franks for our summer kick off party.  I still can’t get over school being out!  It is so fun to see the kids starting to wrap up the school year and flood the neighborhood.  To add some extra charm, I served the burgers on these little baskets I snagged for only a dollar and the gingham tray paper added a festive pop that would be perfect for the upcoming fourth of July without breaking the bank.  You can set guests up with all the condiments and vegetables they need and serve everything family style to bring extra community to the forefront of your party.  Your guests will be so pleased with your choice of meat as a nutritious, carb conscience option, because aren’t we all trying to eat light in the summer months as the temperatures raise? 


turkey needs to be cooked to 165°F

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    1. OOh! These sound delish! I had no idea they made pre-made burgers! I’ll have to check these out!

    1. such a good idea to use turkey instead of beef! i havent had beef in 4+ years!! I love turkey burgers with avocado! yum!

    1. Never had a turkey burger. Elk? Yes. Sounds pretty darn healthy which is a good thing.

    1. Turkey burgers? Sweet! I’ll have to check some out for my next grilling session!

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