Family Vacation Unplugged, Survey Says—We are ALL Craving it!

March 27, 2019

You guys know this year, I’ve been on a journey to a more unplugged lifestyle for myself and my family.  I also know many of you are on the same journey!  Which is why I was thrilled when Alamo approached me about coming alongside them to share with you guys some of the results from their 2019 Family Vacation Survey.  The first thing that stuck out to me was the number of people who commented on feeling “always on” with social media.  We can all relate to that, right?  I know until I made my commitment this year to really unplugging, I really wrestled with feeling always on!  


One quote from the results that stuck out to me was: “For the fifth year in a row, survey respondents ranked “spending quality time together” as the number one benefit of traveling as a family.”  Yet, the results also noted, “27 percent of families say they sometimes feel pressured to post photos of their vacation on social media to show they’re having a good time (up from 20 percent in last year’s survey).” 

I love that Alamo has taken this incredible research from the survey they conducted this year, noting families’ desire for more unplugged time away with their loved ones. Without the pressures of “having the perfect insta-cation!” Their survey revealed some people even logged into their social media channels MORE while on vacation.  Alamo, a leading car rental agency, focuses on more than just the car people are driving while away, they hope to emphasize what matters most: time together as a family uninterrupted! 


In light of their 2019 survey results, Alamo felt inspired to curate a campaign centered on having an unplugged family vacation.  In their Unplugged Family Vacation Toolkit, you’ll find an unplugged vacation pledge, a Facebook profile image border, and even phone backgrounds.  Not to mention, some powerful articles on the site by a wide range of writers in varying niches. With 91% of families intrigued by the idea of an “unplugged vacation,” why not do it, and savor deeper conversations with your families, storing memories the old fashioned way (in your heart forever..) without arbitrary pressures!  I think what so many people are realizing these days is something created to connect us is starting to be a distraction, and we are scaling it back some! So, we can use our phones and social media for connecting, as it was intended!  


So, the unplugged vacation is an interesting way to slowly step back from digital responsibilities.  To help with my own personal goals, I deleted MANY apps and organized them into different folders so I only check the folders periodically as opposed to seeing constant notifications. I aIso turned off as many notifications as I possibly could.  I downloaded one of the phone backgrounds that says “the world out there is better than in here.”  I love that reminder.  Having been a military family and then straight into grad school and straight to one cross country move and straight to another cross-country move. Social media has always been a way for me to keep in touch with friends and family from afar, but guess what?  What I’ve found instead is that I’m calling people for meaningful “catch up sessions.”   



So, to say that the Alamo’s 5th annual survey results spoke to me would be an understatement.  Our thirst for reconnection is so apparent by these survey results.  So, before you head out for your summer vacation: explore Alamo’s vacation unplugged hub for inspiration and tangible suggestions for spending your precious time off intentionally engaged with your family!

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