Family Getaway To Mt. Hood Territory, Oregon & What You Should & Shouldn’t Do!

March 27, 2018

Disclosure: Thanks to Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs for sponsoring our incredible weekend getaway to Mt. Hood Territory. We had the best time conducting this feature, all opinions expressed are my own.

Basically since November and that first chill hit the Oregon air, we have been fantasizing about getting up to the mountains for a weekend away. My husband grew up in Idaho, so skiing was a big part of his extracurricular schedule in childhood. He’s been talking about the first time our kids would go skiing since before they could walk! Personally, I wanted to go skiing in Arinsal as I have read a lot of positive things about it online, but my husband said he’d rather go somewhere a bit closer for our first time with the kids, which I understood. I’ve said it multiple times that one of our favorite things about living in the Portland area is how much we’re able to do within 1-2 hours of the city (in addition to the incredible things that can be found in the city.) so planning a trip to Mt.Hood Territory was truly necessary. Here is our trip breakdown & planning tips:

So, we knew it had to be a weekend because my husband needs to save the rest of his time off for some other trips we have coming up later in the year. With that said, I noted some great weekday/midweek deals in the area so if you’re able take advantage of that! We made reservations at the Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon. This place was a mountain getaway dream. (and very affordable!) They had an outdoor, heated pool and hot tub, which we loved. I also wanted to note here that our pet friendly room was GIANT. We had a little fenced in area and patio on the back as well. I’m going to do a separate post on the room, actually so I can include some more in depth information. I’ve seen this hotel come up on Groupon a few times as well, so be sure to check there for more ways to save and explore.

As far as restaurants are concerned, we were able to eat at some really great establishments. We grabbed donuts at Joe’s Donut Shop, which I highly recommend. It’s a very Insta-worthy place to snap photos, but the donuts/cronuts were phenomenal. I had a powdered donut, but my boys of course opted for a spinkled donut.


We enjoyed an authentic Japanese dinner at Koya Kitchen, about three minutes, from our hotel on Saturday night. This hole in the wall was one of the best places we’ve eaten the entire we’ve lived in Oregon. Eating there on your mountain getaway is non-negotiable!

For breakfast on Sunday, we enjoyed (like really enjoyed!) Wraptitude, we were so thankful to stumble upon this place. The coffee was amazing (also, CHEAP– 2.00 FOR A 16 OZ


specialty drink!?) and huge burritos. My husband did a more traditional egg/bacon/something wrap and I did their Huevos Wrapcheros wrap. They have an in house sauce for dipping your burritos in that I would have gladly drank. I wanted to mention that they have this really beautiful outdoor space with fun lighting that looked so peaceful and serene. This place was tasty, affordable, and perfect!

We also had the chance to eat at Mt.Hood Brewing Company. (you’ll see photos below) My husband is a huge beer person so we always try to find local breweries. Mt. Hood Brewing Company allows kids until 8:00 pm, so we visited for an early dinner on Friday night. The beer was excellent, but I do have one regret: I didn’t try their signature nachos. Couple tips for your meal planning: their kids portions are jumbo! We also really loved the Korean beef appetizer and the pizza my husband ordered was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had!

Saturday was our really busy day, we packed it full of unique Mt. Hood Territ


ory experiences. We started our morning by checking out Ski Bowl, for two hours of tubing down their hill. This was so ridiculously fun! I’d never done this in the snow before, but we loved it. This was a really great activity for Sawyer (3) to be included. He just sat in the same tube and went down with his dad for the first hour, he finally got brave enough to go down myself and he was instantly hooked. You may have seen some videos of us flying down that hill on Instagram!

Then, we headed over to Mt.Hood Meadows for an afternoon of skiing. We started out by having lunch at their sit down restaurant, we ordered soda and a large pizza to fuel before hitting the slopes. The boys took to skiing so quickly! They are that fearless age where they’ll just jump up and try whatever looks fun. I did not grow up skiing like my husband, so I was a nervous wreck! I want my kids to remember me as a fun, outgoing, adventurous mother so I went for it. (despite being terrified!) I’m so glad I did go for it though, because we were laughing hyst

erically. I even fell down (pretty hard) in front of my family and I thought it was such a great moment. I had a unique opportunity to model for them that people aren’t going to be great at everything, but to never give up matters most.

After dinner, we honestly were in bed and ASLEEP on Saturday night by 9:00 pm. We woke up sore from skiing and laughing, grabbed a relaxed breakfast, and hoped back on the road to Portland before noon!


Skiing At Mt. Hood Meadows!
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    1. How fun! I hate wasting spring break on more “cold” weather, but I think I might try it next year with my family. You guys looked cozy, and seemed to have lots of fun!!

    1. Yay!!!! It sounds like you guys had an AMAZING time! This mountain means a lot to my husband and I; so I am so glad you enjoyed Mt. Hood and ALL it has to offer; which is more than just the mountain itself, as you found out… not that beautiful Mt. Hood isn’t enough 😘

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