Fall Outdoor Activities The Whole Family Will ACTUALLY Enjoy!

September 3, 2019

Fall, in my opinion, is the best time to get outside as a family. The summer heat is starting to go away but the holiday busyness and winter cold hasn’t set in JUST yet. Today, I’m sharing a list of fall activities the whole family will genuinely enjoy.

1) Camping- This fall, we plan to become a family that camps. We’ve been rounding up camping supplies over the summer, keeping an eye out at the dollar spot, yard sales, and even thrift stores. Invite some family members or dear friends, and reserve that campsite! We’re looking forward to trying out some national/state park campsites. If you have younger kids, try the backyard! We did a trial run in the backyard this summer.

2) Visit a State Park- We were gifted a state park pass, and I’m so excited to explore the different options. State parks have such a vast selection of amenities and activities. Do a little searching online and find you near you that has everything your family could need for a day trip to a local state park.

3) Drink apple cider. This is a small one, and can be easily done at home. We love to drink warm cider and read books. Bonus points — if you drink it at a apple orchard or visit one to get some apples for pie and cider!

4) Football— if you’re not near a university, check out a high school game! (pro tip- high school football games are super affordable!) Another fun thing to do is to host a game watch! Bring on yummy football snacks, good beer and great friends.

5) Visit the lake or ocean– We love spending lengthy days at the beach, so I had to share this. The ocean isn’t just for summer and neither are lake sunset picnics.

6) Visit a winery– most wineries that I’ve been to gladly welcome families. They are so nice in the fall, often with lots of great photo opportunities. We love to sip wine, while the kids run around or eat cheese trays.

7) Visit a pumpkin patch– Look, call me basic, but I love a pumpkin patch day. We try to find one that offers hay rides and food trucks and make it into a whole day affair!

I’d love to hear from you guys on what your favorite fall activities are! Comment below and let me know!

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