An Experience Gift The Whole Family Will Enjoy With Fender + A Free Trial!!

November 19, 2018

This post is sponsored by Fender but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I have been pretty forthcoming this Christmas holiday about how we are simplifying and focusing our gift choices on really tangible, helpful, useful things the kids won’t throw down in a few days! Last year, I was introduced to Fender Play, an app that teaches you virtual guitar and ukulele lessons! Sawyer & I have been loving the flexibility, and the opportunity to master a new hobby together.

Every now and then as a family, we will get in ruts and aren’t using our time in very good ways.  We will just be watching shows or arguing.  Now, we have the option to plug in and learn together.  It’s been known to even reduce stress!  I will be vulnerable here and say that this time of the year as the chill is sitting in, I get pretty anxious and sad.  Being able to pick up the guitar and laugh alongside my four year old as we attempt to master new sounds has been really therapeutic for me. He had became pretty interested in learning to play the guitar a little while back after watching some online videos of small children in a band. Learning to play an instrument has been known to enhance youth brain development AND improve hand eye coordination. He’s obviously quite young so the bite sized lessons have helped us both with attention level and efficiency.  Fender even boasts that you can learn to play your first song in 22 minutes, how INCREDIBLE is that? Let’s be real though, it doesn’t surprise me seeing as they ARE the most trusted name in guitar.

I think one of my favorite parts of doing this alongside is that we are both improving our persistence and work ethic.  We get to strengthen these essential skills together, and I am finding that to be really neat as a family.  I’m not just telling him that practice makes perfect, but showing him as well.

This year, as you consider unique holiday gifts that will have a lasting impact on your family consider checking out Fender Play!

PS: They have some incredible pricing coming up as we head into Black Friday, find out if you like the program by taking advantage of their 14 day trial!

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    1. This is such perfect timing to read this! I have a little one that has been wanting to learn and can’t wait to check it out!

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