Essentials You Can’t Forget In Your Summer Activities & Vacation Bag!

April 16, 2019

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I’m going to open this post up by telling ya’ll a story! So, a couple weeks ago we hosted some of our friends from the Midwest for their Spring Break. We were out exploring and enjoying the sand and surf when one by one they were all hit with stomach problems. We ended up leaving, but it really put into the back of my mind that I have to rethink my travel and beach bags! So, I actually decided to turn that into a blog post today, and walk through with you guys my travel essentials and how I’m staying prepared this summer. Hopefully, this will help you think through what you need to keep on hand while traveling or heading out for a beach day, lake day, pool day, amusement park, whatever exciting stuff you’ve got going on!

What I’ve done actually is put together this little box with some essentials like bandages, antibiotic ointment, itch spray, Pepto Diarrhea Liquicaps, which is a new product that gives the same relief as traditional Pepto. (without the need to carry around a big ole bottle of liquid as you travel and go about your busy life!) It is innovative in that it has a higher level of the active ingredient that coats your stomach to medicate the diarrhea symptom specifically! Helping you treat diarrhea at the source, kill bacteria to relieve it, and get back to enjoying your summer activities sooner! (I grabbed mine at Wal-Mart while shopping for other summer essentials!)

Items to have on hand for your summer activities and travels: (Also, tape your emergency contact information on the top of the box and show you kids where it is in case they ever need to call for help.)

-Sunscreen (we have a large sunscreen we typically bring places with us, but I got a clip on trial size for my backpack that has been so helpful!)
-Bug spray
-Sunglasses (I forgot mine for a beach day recently, it was NOT fun.)
-Hair Ties
-Small pencil
-Antibiotic ointment
-Itch Cream for any bug bites
-Hand Sanitizer
-Chap Stick
-Granola Bar/s (or some other small, non-perishable snack)
-Some pain reliever kids & adult (I think sample size would be perfect for this!)
-small medicine cup
– Pepto Diarrhea Liquicaps
-A small portable phone charger

Of course, each place you head to this summer require you to bring different things to be prepared. Hopefully, this is gives you a great starting point as you get excited for all that is to come in sunny summer months! What is your family looking forward to this summer? (We plan to spend a lot of our time at the beach!)

Grab your kit’s supplies below by simply clicking on the image to shop!

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