Editor’s Notes: February 2021

January 31, 2021

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Wow, the last couple of weeks have been a lot. I started the year with even more “new year” energy and zeal than I typically have. I was dedicated to putting the horrible parts of 2020 behind me and looking ahead. I felt hopeful.. My kids were back to school only one or two days before we switched back to virtual learning. A little snag, no big deal.

About two weeks into virtual learning, I developed a horrible headache. I felt so incredibly congested. I didn’t have a fever or a cough, so I thought “okay, must be my allergies.” The next day, I woke up even more congested. I tried some over the counter headache medicine, and nothing seemed to be helping. After three days of this, I woke up and initially, thought I felt better. Great, perfect! Around 9:30, I had this overwhelming desire to go to bed. This type of exhaustion can not be described, it felt like if my body didn’t go into a bed and sleep that I would wither to the ground in a puddle. I needed to sleep right then. I went to bed thinking I’d stay there about 30 minutes. I proceeded to sleep 4.5 hours. When I woke up, I decided to get tested because a nearly five hour nap just isn’t like me. Sure enough I tested positive. I was surprised, to be honest. Yet, I also felt a little validation because by this point I felt awful. (If that makes sense?) It was another about seven days before I felt like myself. The exhaustion was truly brutal.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I had no idea how much anxiety I had around the virus. It had become normal to me to worry all day and all night or just try to zone out in front of the tv to make time go by faster. I didn’t realize (until I wasn’t constantly worrying about it) how fearful I was. I’ve shared before that I’ve been a hypochondriac as long as I can remember. My dad passed away from cancer when I was a little girl, a toddler, and I think that’s where that anxiety stems from. So, a global pandemic has been really hard on me. I also tend to have more a scarcity mindset, so seeing people losing their jobs and their loved ones. It impacted me a lot, yet I didn’t really talk about it. I kept minimizing it thinking “well, it could be worse.” Which it could be, but that doesn’t mean it was any less hard or real for me. I think of this often, what I’d tell a friend vs. what I would tell myself. I’d never tell her to get over something, because it could be worse!

I’m an enneagram 7, and we have many wonderful attributes, but we often gloss over hard stuff and we don’t love tough feelings. It is an area I am constantly hoping to improve in, to let myself feel beyond positivity and happiness guilt free.

Now, with all that said, I will tell you my house so clean. We bleached every square inch of this place and then it became one of those “if you give a mouse a cookie” situations for me. I reorganized the books, then the puzzles, the spare bedrooms, the offices, all of it. We did our spring cleaning early this year, I guess. I just wanted a RESET.

I made my meal plan for February, which brought me a lot of peace after relying on Door Dash and Shipt to feed my family for the last month.

I shared all about my process for planning 28 meals in 30 seconds over on Instagram, do me a favor and please follow me on that platform if you aren’t already! I would so appreciate it.

One exciting thing I announced this week is the content you see on this platform will be shifting as we head further into 2021. I want it to reflect the season of life I’m in personally and feel much of my audience is in, too. I don’t have the bandwidth or talent to create content that will please everyone (though that would be cool!) The only thing I really feel like an expert in right now is loving my family (and any foster children we might have) in this season. So, from here on out you can find resources for the elementary school season here on this platform.. After school snacks, lunch ideas, sports advice, extra curriculars, easy dinners, quick breakfast, organizing tips, systems for peace and maximized fun even though things feel really busy. I’ll be sharing family travel and how to navigate it on a budget during the school year. So stay tuned, I am so excited for this change.

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