Easy & Frugal Sandlot/Baseball Inspired Party

September 10, 2019

I love a good birthday party theme, I love taking whatever my kids are into in that season and turning it into something fun! Sandlot has been the boys’ favorite movie for this summer, they’ve been requesting to watch it every day that it rains so when I suggested we do a Sandlot/Baseball theme party, Liam quickly approved. I knew that it needed to be simple and inexpensive, because his birthday falls right around the start of the school year where things can be both expensive and incredibly busy for families. What I didn’t expect, however, was that we would evacuate in anticipation of a hurricane the week before the party. So, I was even more relieved to have planned ahead for a simple, quick, celebration with good friends. Pro tip- I went with hot dogs for the meal, and stocked up while they were on sale for labor day weekend (same for condiments!)

Before the party, I grabbed Cracker Jacks, baseball shaped paper plates, and a DIY Balloon garland, and a really fun baseball field shaped slip & slide from Amazon.

I ordered for Wal-Mart pickup: hot dogs, chip baggies, chili, forks, spoons, napkins, some vegetables to chop up, Hershey bars from the Halloween section, graham crackers, and marshmallows for party favors.

I got glass bottles of Coca-Cola and Sprite and a baseball theme 1/2 sheet cake from Publix.

The day of the party- we sat up the slip and slide, bought ice, and laid out the fruits, veggies, and grilled the hot dogs and put in a warming pan.

Honestly, the kids had the best time. They’d snack, play out in the water, come in watched a little of the movie, ate some cake, and head back out. It ended up being a really fun time for the kids, it was cute without being exhausting or expensive to put together!

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