Our Easter Baskets + a 50.00 Incredibundles Gift Card Giveaway!!!

March 21, 2017

Disclosure:  I received an Incredibundles gift card for myself to make my Easter Basket Selections.  I only promote companies I love on this blog!

I am one of those obnoxious people that blows holidays out of proportion.   I’ve said it on this blog multiple times, my grandmother did it for me and I’m doing it for my kids with no shame.  With that said, when I get my kids presents, I like them to be purposeful and useful.  I don’t do a ton of candy gifts, easily breakable stuff, or just junk in general.  I’m a big fan of gifting durable toys and quality books, so when Incredibundles offered me a chance to “create a bundle” I jumped on the opportunity.  I love that Incredibundles has an array of quality products for babies, toddlers, and children!  They will also package it all into an adorable reusable bin, which I skipped this time since I knew my items would be going straight into Easter baskets.

You can see in the photos below, I opted for things with an Easter-y theme.  I got Sawyer (my 2.5 year old) shaker eggs and a board book copy of Peter Rabbit.  For fun, I also got him a ball that will fit nicely in his tiny hands.

Liam’s basket is loaded with a copy of Zingo!  This is game he has asked for multiple times, I assume he plays it as his language based preschool.  He is four, and really into board games as a family right now.  I paired it with a boardbook copy of “Caps For Sale.”

Everything shipped was less than 50.00, so I would call that an Easter win.  Especially considering these are things my kids can use for years to come.  Incredibundles makes it easier than ever to find something for every child you’ll be gifting something to.  From baby showers to birthday parties, tonsillectomy recovery gifts, and beyond.  Which is why I am overjoyed to share an opporotunity for you to stuff your kid’s Easter baskets with a 50.00 gift card for Incredibundles!  


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    1. So, ignore my entry. I didn’t realize Incredibundles was for small kids. Cute site, just doesn’t apply to my boys. At least you know I read your blog! HA!

    1. These are really cute! I like the stacker toys, games, and books.

    1. I’ve not heard of this company, but am definitely going to check them out!

    1. These are so adorable! And I really love your gift ideas! I’m totally over the candy and cheap toys gig. 😝
      I’d like to do puzzles and books. Maybe a weird fruit that they’ve never seen or eaten before. 😊

    1. love the guess how much i love you bundle of books

    1. I would choose a book for each boy and the squirrel game! We love board games too!😊

    1. I would a Dr Seuss book in the basket. Trying to build his book collection.

    1. I would probably put a game and a book in his easter basket

    1. love the peter rabbit!! i love putting candy and toys and markers and cioloring books in my kids baskets

    1. I would choose the Eric Carle Book Bundle – Baby Gift set, thanks!

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