Dear new mama to two kids under 2.. (or any mama, really..)

April 13, 2017

The other day I was running around my house, organizing and purging. I ran downstairs, but was immediately stopped in my tracks. I looked out the door and saw my boys sitting on a bench, laughing and talking. They are so independent these days, we are in an entirely new season. Sawyer is potty trained, Liam is learning to read, and both are sleeping better. And as they’ve been sleeping better, it means that I’m also catching up on some much-needed sleep too. It’s a good job really, as I was seriously starting to consider having a look for the best CBD oil and brands in my area to help me to ultimately get some sleep and rest at night, as it’s hard work looking after the kids 24/7. But luckily, me doting on them hand and foot isn’t happening as often now. They clean up after themselves 70% of the time, and parenting them seems to be getting easier on a daily basis. By easier, I think I actually mean more joyful. (yeah, I had no idea how much sweeter it could be.) When I brought Sawyer home, almost three years ago, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed. “What in the world, did I do?” I have one baby, why am I bringing home another baby?!

The days are long, but the years actually fly by.

It really seems like just yesterday that I was certain these children would not make it to adulthood under my care. I had so many days of feeling completely incompetent and under qualified. Lately, however, I’ve been feeling a shift in my parenting confidence. They’ve grown so much, and I can see I did make good choices with them. They are happy, loved, and best friends. All because this crazy lady brought that second baby home one day.

Mamas with young babes, let me tell you. It gets sweeter, if you can even believe that. Yes, it gets sweeter than the first time your toddler sees their younger sibling. The first time they hold their newborn fingers in their toddler fingers. It just multiples, it grows like something in a dish, it spreads like fire. Their friendship, their love, their companionship. You start to feel so much more qualified every time you see them work out a problem, hug each other, or play nicely together. When you walk into a room, and notice you’ve entered into their imaginary world. They adore each other so much, it immediately makes the very challenging, incredibly difficult first year of their life so worthwhile. The moments of doubt, insecurity, the teachable moments, even the sleepless nights. They are all proving worth it.




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