Our Day Trip To Cannon Beach

June 6, 2016

With our housing woes, we haven’t been able to relax in a while. So, it was nice to take some time to adventure to Cannon Beach, Oregon. It is absolutely breathtaking there, the Haystack Rocks and the other rock structures along the water paired with the fog. It felt like I was sunbathing inside of a portrait. For us, the drive was about an hour and thirty minutes. We stopped at a restaurant on mile marker number 18, creatively named “Camp 18.” It was a giant log cabin, it’s actually a logging museum! The next time we take a day trip, we won’t stop for breakfast. The boys were too wild. I can’t tell you how many stinky eyes we got for Sawyer’s crying, screeching, and our eye rolling in response.

Cannon Beach is this precious town with matching building, and whimsical places to explore. There is so much do here that we are going to have to come back at some point. In fact, we have already been looking at Cannon Beach Oregon vacation rentals. Our first stop was the “Kite Factory.” Right as you enter town, there’s a funky little spot with amazing reviews on Yelp & elsewhere. This dude was so helpful and smart. He’s a retired engineer who just does the kite store for a fun hobby. He sat the boys up with the perfect pirate kite for our day’s adventures. He even tired some kind of leash on it, I couldn’t hear what he told my husband. All I heard was free! It was 20.00, which its relatively inexpensive for nice kites. They had 8.00 options, but none in pirate fashion.. the kite factory cannon beach DSC_0441

The first weekend in June proved to be relatively busy, so I’m curious to see it in July and August. I was happy we arrived early to stake out our area. I also realized yesterday, how badly we need new beach towels. Does anyone have a favorite brand that wants to share with me? I’ve been looking at things like these sand free towels, which look pretty good, but I’m always open to suggestions from you guys! Strollers could definitely go on this beach, just not our city mini. We had to break it down and carry it across the sand. However, I saw plenty of all-terrain strollers making the journey! We’ve got to look at those stroller reviews online and see which ones would be the right fit for when we go on journeys like this, because we can’t keep lugging one around that ‘might’ make the journey without us cursing ourselves in the process! I’ll be sharing what we brought for our trip in a blog post tomorrow. We had standard beach playtime for about three hours: sandcastle building, splashing, enjoying all the pups on the beach, and flying our new kite. It was pretty chilly still in the water, but mostly it was perfection. Afterward, we hiked back to our car to unload some of our stuff, change, and grab a late lunch. We went to a spot called Public Coast. The outdoor seating was all full, so we went for a place by a window. The food was yummy, but I could have maybe gone for more! The beach makes me ravenous, but I know it makes most people not hungry and mostly exhausted. I had the Wild Prawn with fries, my husband had the Wild Prawn Tacos, and the boys shared a kid’s meal with chicken tenders, their made in house applesauce, carrots, and celery. I want to tell you guys that they have the most amazing tartar sauce ever. I didn’t get to the try the beer, but my tester said it was great! I felt like it was a less busy place than most restaurants we saw and moderately kid friendly. I would feel comfortable suggesting it to you and your kiddos. Just be weary of the entrance, Liam & I both slid and busted our butts when we were leaving!

One day doesn’t leave a ton of time to do everything, but we enjoyed being in the ocean and eating fish! We grabbed some post cards to send out at a little shop there, but there are some other places I hope to check out next time we go. The Crepe Neptune creperie, why is this place not publicized more?! It was so delicious scented. There was a toy store that looked really fun, and a cute clothing boutique I want to pop into next time we are there!

Have you been to Cannon Beach? What was your favorite part?!

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    1. We were there this weekend, stayed at an rv resort. Walking distance to the beach. We went to the brewery to eat, ate in Seaside on Sunday. Checked out Ecola State Park – really nice!

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