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May 2, 2019

Maybe you’ve been saying that you need make dates a more regular thing or you have a regular date night already, but always end up doing the same thing over and over. (For us, it always ends up being go out to eat, which is so spendy!) There comes a time when we all need some inspiration for dating! So, Mrs. Bishop & I decided we should put together a list for ourselves and also for you guys. She’s got some amazing ideas in her post, and I’m sharing some below!

1) Outdoor adventures– We can rent kayaks locally for a 1.00 and that is so beautiful and romantic! It’s fun to get active together, and enjoy nature! Some other ideas: hiking, fishing, beach days, lake days, pack a picnic, visit a winery.

2) Learn a new skill together- This is my idea of a good time, I love to learn. There are some great free/affordable community classes like gardening or canning, depending on where you live. You could even take tennis lessons or photography classes. A cooking class is something I’ve had on my date bucket list for a long time!

3) Game night- Invite some friends over and get competitive together. I think double dates are one of the best things you can do as a couple! Throw in some competition and good snacks, you’ve got a perfect evening on the calendar!

4) Have a coffee date or lunch date- if you love to eat out together like us, consider doing coffee or lunch as a cheaper alternative!

5) Go thrifting together- Hit some local yard sales or thrift store shop together. Bonus points if you’re able to get some good furniture or something to redo together for subsequent time together.

7) Volunteer together- this may take a little work in advance to put together, but look for ways to give back together. There are soooooo many ways to plug into your community, figure out what you are both passionate about find out how to help out!

8- Take it old fashioned, and do a movie/dinner date!

I’d love to hear from your guys and if you’ve done any fun dates recently! Comment below and share!

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    1. I love the idea of taking a class together! Maybe I can get my Instagram Hubby to up his photog skills! lol

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