Date Ideas: 2021 Edition

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Alright over on Instagram stories, make sure you’re following me over there because I definitely feel like conversations get deep over there! (and fun, too!) Anyway, on stories the other day I was discussing feeling a bit lazy in the planning department when it comes to making date nights a priority. Sometimes, it feels expensive and stressful to even go on a date so we just skip it altogether. Honestly, have you paid for childcare recently?! Not to mention, the added difficulties that this virus has created. One of my resolutions for this year was to cultivate better rhythms for dating my husband. Make it more of a priority to have fun together aside from with the kids and at home.

You guys asked for it so here it is: some tips for making dating a priority (yes, even with little kids underfoot!) and some suggestions for dating.

I’ve just came to terms with the fact, we don’t have family nearby so we need to get creative when it comes to nurturing our relationship. Sure, sometimes I get green with envy at the ease of my friends who can drop their kids off and go out for a date or a weekend away! I’m happy for them, of course, I just know it isn’t an option for us right now. So, we made a decision to cut down our family eating out (and obviously travel) budget and grocery budget this year to create some wiggle room for a budget friendly babysitter each week for 3-4 hours. I went ahead and scheduled for the year so it’s on the calendar. That mental load being simplified helps tremendously. Now, let me say that we have walked through seasons when we didn’t have an extra 30 dollars a week to get a babysitter. If this is your reality here are some suggestions for that situation, too!
Trade with friends- if you have some friends (and it is safe) that would enjoy regular date nights or day dates, consider swapping. This is one thing we did while my husband was in grad school. We also looked for parent’s night out at church, and we even took coffee to the YMCA (where we got a free membership) and played basketball or tennis while our boys went to the two hours of free childcare. We’ve also found many unique date nights for doing at home on Pinterest.

If you are looking to get out and do some fun stuff I’ve pieced together some date suggestions at varying price points below!

1) Eating at a new restaurant.
2) Picnic date.
3) Top Golf.
4) Kayaking
5) Coffee date.
6) Laser tag.
7) Double date.
8) Group date. *we have done this for laser tag and escape room*
9) Parasailing.
10) Rock Climbing.
11) Hiking.
12) Bookstore wandering.
13) Autobahn (or go karting).
14) Mini Golf.
15) Museums.
16) Sports game.
17) Bowling.
18) Day trip to a nearby city.
19) Volunteer together.
20) Take a class together.
21) Watch a Youtube Video and learn a new skill.
22) Cook a meal together.
23) Beach and lake day.
24) Couples Massage.
25) Take a free trial exercise class together.
26) Play the free app “Heads Up” on your phone.
27) Do a puzzle together.
28) Ice cream date.
29) Beer or Wine Sampling.
30) Binge watch a series of shows or movies togehther.
31) Fishing.
32) Ice Skating.
33) Wash your cars together.
34) Rent bikes and go for a bike ride.
35) Buy Lingerie from Amazon and stay in. (Amazon has beautiful lingerie, btw!)
36) Go on a tour of an area business.
37) Have a cheap spa night at home.
38) Paddleboarding
39) Rent a boat for a couple hours.
40) Check Groupon for local excursions.
41) Make a snack board together.
42) Sing Karaoke at home.
43) Farmer’s Market.
44) Baking together.
45) Do a craft together.
46) Do an online yoga class together.
47) Have a trivia night.
48) Do a food prep date and make freezer meals for your family and/or someone else’s.
49) Go to a medical appointment together. Check off an important task like an annual dental exam and reward yourself with something fun immediately after!
50) Have a field day in the backyard.

Print this list or Pin it to Pinterest to come back to later!

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