My tips for taking care of yourself this fall..

October 3, 2017

Fall is such a special time of year, so many changes.  Each Autumn, especially since having kids, I feel schedules begin to shift.  I always find my emotions ebbing and flowing as the seasons change.  One thing I have certainly noticed is that as kids activities start back up, and we enter the busyness that comes with the approaching holidays.  It is more important than ever to practice self care.  Here are some of my top self care tips for the fall:
1) Throw away things you’re not using.  Most people spring clean, but I find myself more interested in a fall purge.  I love to deep clean my house, donate items we aren’t using, and enter the busy school year with a fresh slate.
2) Take 15-20 minutes every day to do something I enjoy.  For me, this is almost always reading or writing.  I love to be transported to another world through literature.  I relish any opportunity to write freely, especially as the cold air begins to creep in.
3) Exercise.  No matter how you choose to do, staying active is one of the easiest way to care for yourself.  Can I suggest a walk through the crisp fall air?
4) Stay hydrated.  I am LOVING this NEW drink from Welch’s.   A 100% juice made with coconut water, for a great flavor and amazing hydration benefits. 
Share it with a friend!  Pull out a beautiful glass, and invite over a good friend, relish each other’s company and a delicious beverage.  For me, an outgoing extrovert, there is nothing more soul filling than powerful conversation.  I love the taste, and that it is only 100 calories per serving.  With two servings of fruit in every glass, how could you not?!  The taste of 100% juice with 30% less sugar.  I grabbed mine at my local Wal-Mart store, easy.
I’d love to hear your nonnegotiables for fall self care practice!
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