Under the Christmas Tree This Year: A New Series!

October 6, 2017

Disclosure:  I received complimentary products from Petit Collage to feature in this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own and I only partner with companies I love & adore! 

This year, I am urging myself and all my readers to avoid the usual holiday overwhelm.  I’m probably going to create a pledge for you to all sign and email back to me promising that we will not shop last minute, we will not lose sleep to wrap gifts, we will not yell at anyone to put on a nicer shirt, or exhaust ourselves making too much food for people who would be content eating gas station chicken.  This year, we are slowing the pace, focusing on quality over quantity, and being more present.  Whose with me?  October is really a crucial month as we begin to prepare for the holidays, because from October on the holidays just seem to keep coming!  So, this year on Fridays I’ll be sharing gift ideas, and other ways you can prepare for the holidays without losing your mind!

Today, I want to share a company I am in love with!  Seriously, everything they have is soooo darling!  Petit Collage is this precious children’s company that creates beautiful products that are also good for the environment.  You can read their amazing story here, I loved learning about their founder.  There products are affordable and durable!  No easily broken plastic there.  They were generous enough to send me backpacks and lunchboxes for each of my sons, but my oldest son’s best friend REALLY wanted one.  I couldn’t tell him no, he was so excited to twin with his buddy.  He also started Kindergarten that week and it seemed like a fun back to school present for him.  I will tell you right now what my favorite thing is about these backpack.  The material is easy to wipe off!  No more trying to figure out to wash in the machine!  I just wipe it off with a wet cloth and go.  This backpack will last for years to come!  Liam loves sharks, so he naturally selected the shark backpack/lunchbox combo.  They have fun prints for boys and girls.

I really want to highlight these goodies though!  I believe these would be amazing for holiday gifts and even stocking stuffers.  These “pop-out & plays” are SO FUN! My three year old would not stop putting his little ocean scene together and I cannot wait to get him more.  We actually just finished playing the memory game this morning before I sat down to write this.  Unlike most memory games you get, this one is so sturdy.  We will be able to use this for years and then pass down to our neighbors.  It is built to last, which is something I always look for when toy shopping.  Kids can be hard on stuff!  Lastly, an item that I’m actually saving for Christmas.  These sticker books!  This one will go in Sawyer’s stocking, but I wanted to share a link.  I am personally eager to order the boys their “once upon a time” sticker book before January when we tackle fairy tales in our preschool home school.

Petit Collage offers consumers toys and educational must haves that are as lovely looking as they are good for the environment.  They have quickly moved up my list to favorite places to shop for my boys, and I hope you’re able to snag some fun items for under your Christmas trees this year.  I wanted to quickly mention before I sign off that they also have holiday items that are positively adorable!  You can find those here, and I noticed in their winter catalog, they’ve got an advent calendar coming out!  So, keep your eyes open for that!

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