Christmas As An Incredibly Fun Geography And Social Studies Lesson!

December 7, 2017

Disclosure:  I mention Bookshark in this post, and they have been generous enough to provide us with their pre-k curriculum to use throughout the year.  We love them and everything they do for families!  All opinions are my own.

Last year, I posted a photo of my then four year old using the globe to follow Santa on NORAD.    You guys were very interested in learning more about using Christmas as a time to dive into geography & social studies with our kids.  I say social studies, because that seems a blanket way of discussing other religions and cultures.  Even as an adult, I find it so interesting how so many different people can celebrate the same occasion so differently.  As a mom, I feel that educating our children on other ways of enjoying things is soooooo important! I didn’t have that as a kid, so I only knew and trust one way of doing things until I got older and learned outside of the home.

There are some incredible lesson plans on this topic prepared for free across the web.  Pinterest is a great place to look for more information and free printables!  You can look on my Pinterest page or you can search for resources! 

So, I use BookShark Curriculum for homeschooling for my preschoolers.   Their preschool program really dives into people and culture, so it aligned really well with what I’m doing this holiday season.   I’ve told you before on here BookShark provides a teaching guide, but I tweaked this area.  We used the Atlas to look at places and discuss how “Santa” could possibly get to all of those places.  This can be a good time to chat about time zones and the rotation of the earth.  

Throughout the month of December you can implement other traditions into your routine for some added fun.  For example, St. Nicholas on the 6th.  A Catholic tradition, a little popular in Europe but returning to America in which kids place their shoes by the fireplace and St. Nick delivers gifts.  We watch the Veggie Tales Episode about St. Nicholas and listened to several quick audiobooks.

Krampus is another fun tradition to tell your kids about.  I’ve yet to do it, because I do find it scary.

Venezuela has a fun tradition I read about!  The families hide their broom from the children on Christmas Eve and the kids have to find it!  They also ride to mass on roller skates!

Advent calendars can be a really fun way to count down the days to the Christmas holiday.

Did you know in Japan families eat food from KFC (yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken) on Christmas Eve?

Have some fun with these and share in the comments some traditions your family has!



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