Why We Choose Bookshark as Our Homeschool Curriculum!

February 17, 2018

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Bookshark.  

When we announced we’d be homeschooling a popular question has consistently been asked since we started homeschooling full time has been “Which curriculum do you use?”  I’m always happy to share our adoration for our Bookshark curriculum. Bookshark was an obvious choice for us, it is a literacy based curriculum which I think reading alongside play are the best things you can do for kids seven and under.   My sons are also very close in age.  I needed a curriculum that could be easily tweaked to accommodate both of their academic goals.  Bookshark chooses high quality fun books, even in their preschool curriculum which has worked perfectly for our family with a 3 & 5 year old. The curriculum is filled with manipulatives, fun workbooks, and delightful books we all look forward to reading.  I also appreciate that Bookshark includes a teacher’s guide.  They give you a really firm outline, but also suggest field trips and other useful tips.   We will continue using Bookshark as long as we are homeschooling as they perfectly align with our goals and plans! You can check out their incredible teachers guides here to get a feel for their literature based mission.    With our three year old, we have been able to use the curriculum by reading the books and adding in simple activities.  For our 5.5 year old, we use the curriculum as is,  and include writing lessons as well.  I love what they’re learning with the preschool curriculum as it focuses on people and their relationships.  For us, we enjoy incorporating really fun field trips in the mix to practically apply what they are learning. The preschool curriculum dives deep into different cultures and geography, which applies really well for us as we are constantly traveling and exploring.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing what a typical homeschool week looks like for us as we study deeper the relationships of people and bring it to life through travel.  Below, you’ll notice Liam is studying art.  He loves to read through his art book and attempt to recreate the images we read about.  Bookshark doesn’t take up the entire day, we generally spend an hour or two learning new concepts and then we head out to apply that to our lives.  We love Bookshark, and as we go through the next month, I’ll be putting together some more intensive looks into our lives as homeschoolers, and showing you more about Bookshark and their quality products!

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