Children’s Fishing Birthday Party

September 6, 2018

It is hard to believe that Liam is six years old.  I originally hadn’t planned to host a birthday for him, but he REALLY wanted to have take his friends fishing.  I decided that was something I could get on board so we coordinated a little fishing outing and picnic with his closest friends.  The day was simple, affordable, and really perfect. All we needed was some quality equipment, like the best spinning reel and a good line to ensure we could get some catches. Let me share the details with you! We hosted this particular party in Portland, Oregon but I will be sharing how to craft a similar event in your city. [and how to make it work for any budget!]

Venue: Horning’s Fishing & Picnic Hideout  

We opted for Horning’s as opposed to a pond, because not everyone would have fishing license.  So, it was more affordable for me to pay 4.00 per guest over 5 to rent equipment & have a day license.  Kids five and under are free, which worked out well for us as our guest of honor was the only kid over 5.  You pay a small fee per fish, but overall we found this to be a very affordable, EASY option.  I also loved that they gave us access to this covered shelter that had buffet tables.

Tina Brown Creative
What can I say about this cake?  Every since we moved to the Portland area, Tina Brown Creative has been my go to for cake needs.  She is so unbelievably talented.
Food: For food, we ordered ten feet of sandwiches from Monkey’s Subs.  We ordered a variety of flavors and they sent us with extra side dishes as well as condiments. It was a really inexpensive way to feed over thirty people with little to no work on our family’s end.  Grandparents were in time so I didn’t want to spend those limited hours with them slaving away in the kitchen, cleaning up messes, and trying to figure out how to package everything up efficiently for driving it out to the pond.  As for drinks, we kept it simple with juice boxes and water bottles.  I had chips for a fun “fish and chips” tie in and offered a couple other snacks like apple sauce pouches, knowing the kids would want some options for eating on the go. This silverware caddy made transporting everything from home to venue easier and kept things clean and from blowing away.  I think everyone needs to splurge on an inexpensive one of these for all their parties.

As always, I used my letter board to craft a personalized message for guests to take a photo with.  If you don’t have one of these yet, I strongly suggest purchasing one! We use it daily in our home for crafting messages and always for parties to add a personal touch.
Wanted to also share that Tina (who made the beautiful cake above) also does personal hand lettering!


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    1. A very Cute idea, we did the same thing a few weekends ago at a birthday party, think we had 10 of us fishing at a time. Caught over 24 bass, all catch, and release. What kind of fish did yall catch?

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