Cheapskate Birthday Party Idea: NERF birthday battle!

September 10, 2020

What an easy and fun birthday! I was proud of this, to be honest. Remember how I used to swear I’d never host a party at my house ever again? Well, since we moved to Jacksonville I’ve only done parties at home. This year, staying mindful of quarantine/ Covid policies we had a very, very, small birthday party. It’s so beyond crazy to me this sweet, sweet boy of mine is 8. Here are the details!

Liam is my one that doesn’t like cake! So, this small cake from Dairy Queen was a wonderful compromise.

I made these easy invites by purchasing a nerf graphic from Etsy. It was so simple to put together and I printed it on card stock.

The course was the best part. We literally just wandered around placing our leftover cardboard boxes and random things from inside our house into the backyard. The kids could hide behind chairs and inside boxes. They loved it and it cost 0.00.

What did I feed them? I had a ton of brown paper bags. So. I added uncrustables (ask about allergies on the invite!) a bag of chips and a juice box. We stuck a piece of a paper on it that said “battle fuel.” The kids ATE it up. See what I did there?

Things I purchased (but you may not even need)

I grabbed 300 bullets from Amazon, and then I grabbed some kid size colorful safety goggles. These doubled as part of the favors at the end. The other favors were small air soft dart guns from Amazon.

I’ve been accumulating nerf guns from thrift stores the last year to so, because I know the boys love them.

The party was so affordable, but even more so.. it was an absolute blast. The kids loved it and clean up was also very easy. 10/10 recommend!

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