Holiday Focus: Cheap Decorations and Traditions!

December 10, 2018

I have said it countless times on this blog of mine, but I love the holidays.  I fully admit to being one of those people. As my children get older and our season of life begins to shift a bit, the holidays just keep sweeter around here.  With that said, I just don’t think it is acceptable to break your bank for holidays.  You can make your home beautiful and festive, you can have special traditions, and make amazing memories without driving yourself into debt.  Each week, I’ve sharing advice on crafting your best holiday season yet without sacrificing your mental health or financial resources!  So, today we are tackling traditions and decorations.

I have a feeling you guys probably know what my first piece of advice is for decor.

You should have started last year!  Christmas Clearance prices between 50-90% off is the best time to upgrade your holiday decor items.  Try to make your emphasis on class pieces that will never go out of style and can be used over and over.

Free printables-One of my favorite seasonal decorating hacks is to get some dollar store of thrift store  frames and fill them up with seasonally appropriate free printables.  I just search Pinterest for _____free printables (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) and print out some cute images to make my house a little more festive.

The Library– The library is a wonderful resource this time of year.  I place holds on about 50 holiday inspired books and use those for decor/reading as a holiday tradition.  I recently put up some book shelves in the boys’ bedrooms.  The books face out,  and I switch out the books each holiday.  It adds some holiday flare, and gives us new reading material.  As another tradition, I’ll use the library for all  of our holiday movies.  I’ll place holds on classics and we will enjoy those throughout the month of December.

Attend free community events- Churches, malls, and parks and recreation departments.  Utilize these free events like a tree lighting or craft nights to make lasting memories with your families.

Split the cost of crafting supplies with friends/neighbors- Buy in bulk from places like Oriental Trading and split the already low prices with multiple families!

Take advantage of freebies from Shutterfly- I know, I know.  Broken record.  Shutterfly has amazing freebies, especially during the holiday months.  This month alone I’ve snagged an adorable personalized tea towel, calendar for next year, even cuter desk calendar, photo books, custom journals, elaborate cards, ornaments and magnets.  I only paid shipping! 

Advent- This year I actually “splurged” more than I normally would on Advent.  I got my kids the LEGO advent calendar, but it was on sale months ago on Amazon. So, I just went for it.  #YOLO   Typically, we do 24 activities.  (think coloring sheet, watching a rented movie from the library, drinking hot cocoa, popcorn snack.) There are some great printables for advent as well.

Drive around and check out Christmas lights- some people enjoy doing extensive light work. Take advantage of that! You could also make use of neon lights to decorate your home. These lights might help your home stand out.

Display holiday cards as your decor- what is more inviting than showcasing your loved ones around your home during the holidays

Bake– Baking can definitely be done on a budget!  Staple items like chocolate chips, flour, sugar, and more chocolate chips can become part of family traditions for years to come.

Whatever you do this holiday season, I pray your focus is on the true reason for the season.  The birth of our savior!  Give yourself grace, live with intention, and accept the imperfect. Know your kids love you no matter what.





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