Celebrating St. Nicholas Day 2019!

November 29, 2019

If you’ve followed here a while, you know I love celebrating St. Nicholas day with my sweet boys. I have always enjoyed celebrating, but it is even more joyful and fun once you’ve become a mama.

St. Nicholas is a traditionally Catholic holiday (I think?) but a lot of cultures celebrate it, and I think it is a fun way to add a new tradition into your family. You can add as much as little as you like to fit your family’s needs, schedules, and sanity in check!

To give a little back story, St. Nicholas served his community by discreetly dropping dowries down chimneys to families in need. He was also regarded as someone who genuinely honored God by serving people (kids) in need. This is a version of Santa Claus I can get behind! So, today I thought I would walk you through how to celebrate. Spoiler alert: it’s simple, but the kids love it.

Before bed, have the children place their shoes by the fireplace or door. or wherever really.

Traditionally, you’d place candy canes, gold coins and fruit and small gift items. I’m going to check out World Market and see if they have any of those adorable golden St. Nicholas chocolates. I confess I’ve also used St. Nicholas day as an excuse to give the kids a gift early, so it spread out the holidays some.

There are some great books about St. Nicholas you can order online or place on hold at the library. If you’ve got Kanopy or Formed, there are some free shows on there as well. The Veggie Tales episode has always been a favorite for my boys (although, I think this year they will be too old to enjoy it as much.) One of my favorites is called Baker’s Doxen, but there are some other cute ones!

I like to make a pancake breakfast or something a little “fancier” than we’d usually have on a school day.

Since St. Nicholas did so much good in his community, I feel a great way to honor his memory is by doing good in our own communities. So, I think its a wonderful time to do something kind with your kids. Make cookies with the neighbors, donate time to a charity, whatever.

As you can see, its a very customizable celebration. All in the name of love and new traditions!

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