Celebrating Four Years Of This Messy Season!

January 14, 2020

This is a bittersweet, unbelievable, post to write. Four years ago, in my chilly Indiana kitchen I started this website. My toddler and baby were still asleep, I looked around the house for inspiration. I’d need a name if I was going to bring this platform to life. I noted the crumbs on the floor, the dog fur along the base boards (didn’t I just clean that?!) It was important to me, season, be a part of my name because that’s so much of motherhood. So much about life. It is seasonal, it is fleeting. Messy, messy, messy. Motherhood is just that– it is confusing, demanding, mundane, thankless, yet it is so rewarding. It is genuinely this messy combination of feelings, often accompanied by physical messiness of little feet– their crumbs, their puke, their potty training.

From what I observed then, and now know to be true. Motherhood, homemaking, marriage, all of that– it just continues to be messy. It is different, much less physically demanding– but emotionally draining.

Four years ago, I launched this website as a means to make people laugh, share photography, offer tangible suggestions in homemaking. All the things I was stumbling through as a new(ish) mama to two boys under two. I wanted to create a platform people could relate to. I imagined moms reading my posts while they sipped their morning coffee, encouraged for the day. More organized for the week, because of a meal plan. A simple thing shared that impacted their week, because it took one thing off their plate.

There have been times, I’ve wondered if anyone was reading. Only to receive a message from a mom saying thank you for sharing about you and your son’s experience with speech therapy. In a season, where I felt so inadequate myself, I found comfort knowing our experience was helping someone else. This platform, this community, has walked me through anxiety, cystic acne, travel constipation, and two cross country moves. You’ve given me this space to open up. You guys hung around last year as I navigated a painful move, and struggled to find the find the courage and strength to build a community here.

I always wanted this space to be an area that made it cool to be frugal. To wear secondhand clothes, to live within your means, find contentment. To encourage us all to count our blessings, and be proud of what we have. I wanted to be a resource for you guys to have beautiful things & to creatively use things you already have.

My heart has always been for striking a balance between reminding each and every one of you how wonderful you are, what an amazing job you’re doing; but also give you real, tangible suggestions as you navigate raising a young family. I’ve been there, frantically googling ideas for dinner or something free to do with my kids. I wanted to curate a space where it all dwells.

One thing, I’ve noticed is how I’ve changed. When something honest and painful, I vulnerably write out, resonates and leads one of you to send me a note of encouragement– I am empowered. I’m certainly in a different season than the one I was in when I launched this website with two busy toddlers. These days, my time is spent volunteering in their classrooms or chauffeuring them to sports practices or games. It is messy, active, filled to the brim.

We also made a commitment a few years ago to live below our means and make travel a priority. Making travel a higher priority has led us to seek out more ways to spend time together as a family. We got state park passes, we’ve been checking off national parks off our list, and we took up fishing as a family.

We have grown and evolved, individually and a family. You guys have been along for several major milestones in our lives. You wrapped in virtual hugs while I cried in my car on Sawyer’s first day of school. It caught me completely off guard, but I blinked and truly they were big kids. You guys sent DMs, surprise coffee cards, and encouragement when my kids had surgeries.

You have celebrated alongside me. When I had my first viral post, you shared it. When Draper James (a dream brand of mine!) shared my photo, you tagged me.

It has been an adventure filled four years. I have gotten emotional several times as I’ve written this, because so much of my heart has gone into this platform. I’m so grateful. I am beyond grateful. I hope you guys know that I seek out opportunities to use this space to give back, whether its a simple giveaway to my audience or giving out 1000 books to children. I hope this space also plays a small role in promoting more multicultural family representation.

There’s a quote out there somewhere about time being a thief. That is the absolute truth. Time is so fleeting. I have been blessed beyond measure by the love of this community. The brands that given me work, literally sustaining my family while my husband was in grad school. The opportunities I would have never been able to give my children without this platform. The friendships that unfolded along the way. I feel proud, I feel grateful, I feel genuinely blessed.

I want to close out this post by saying, if you have a crazy dream. Go chase it. Don’t let fear hold you back, take the first step. It will probably be messy.

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This Messy Season is a blog serving families through practical tips for nurturing their families, emphasizing quality time and adventure. Helping young families bloom where they're planted, embrace their mess, and thrive through a series of honest, blog posts highlighting realistic travel tips, favorite products that simplify the work load of families, and family entertainment.

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