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August 16, 2017

I’ve been trying to do one post a week to just purely, catch up.  Share what we are up to asking questions about your week, that sort of thing.  Especially, since we have moved away from people we love dearly and continue to live far from extended family.  Not to mention, I want to have a time capsule on this blog that I can read to the boys years and years later with musings and memories. 

The past week was very relaxed, we didn’t have any camps to attend so we were able to take things easy in the mornings.  I made every effort to make it to my scheduled fitness classes, but if we didn’t get there in time I improvised and attended a new class.  I like order and schedule, but one week every eight or nine seems reasonable for a relaxed week.  We went to Oaks Amusement Park  last week with our neighbor crew and a few other friends!  It was such a fun, memorable morning.  I felt so inspired by the kids and their fearlessness.  I want to approach my life like they do, a little bit horrified but so happy with the results.

Last week as hot as blazes though, ya’ll.  It was particularly challenging as their was also a smog situation here from the fires in British Columbia.  It was surprisingly hard to breath outdoors on the days the heat was super high and the smoke was everywhere.  We checked out a new, free kids opportunity with free water inflatables and I landed a gift card for a free pedicure at a nice spa!  That was a pleasant surprise.

I also started feeding my kids from muffin tins again, and I had forgotten how much they love it.  It is so easy to throw your food items in there, but kids love it for some reason.  I’m serious, try it!

The weekend was mostly peaceful.  Saturday was wonderful, we spent seven hours at a child’s birthday party.  The kids played, ate too much cake, had Gatorade stained mouths.  The parents drank, talked, laughed, it was just fun.  The way parenting should be, in my opinion.  In person, relaxed, enjoyed.

Also, on Saturday we were gifted something so fun.  We have a neighbor (also from Indiana) who has three grown children, and he had asked casually a few days prior if my kids would like an “old, small playset.”  He made it sound like this thing was teeny tiny and debilitated.  He and his ex wife were cleaning out a storage unit, and ending up bringing all kinds of awesome toys for the boys.  Like a cozy coupe and this amazzzzzzing play structure.  Minus, swim lessons and the gym, the kids played on this thing all day yesterday.  They were using their imaginations so well, and just thoroughly enjoying.  My favorite thing I overheard yesterday was Liam asking our neighbor, Rachel to “go on a date.” and calling her sweetie on their date.  It was pretty cute.  We have a small backyard, but thanks to this thing, it just got a whole lot more fun.

I’m slowly making the transition to getting prepared for school.  Backpacks washed, Gymboree clearance and yard sale finds are washed and organized ready for an active, adventurous hybrid year of homeschool and preschool a couple mornings a week.  I’ll be sharing some ideas for educating your kids at home (even part) in the upcoming days.

We have been embracing a much slower pace this summer, with no naps, I don’t feel such a rush to get home.  We can linger a little longer at places, and play outside for 3/4 of our day.  I hope these kids turn out okay.

We are headed to Seattle this weekend, I’m so excited!  I get to see my best friend and explore a new city.  Monday, we are having a little solar eclipse party.

What are ya’ll up to!?



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