Book Suggestions For Foster Families!

June 10, 2020

Ya’ll have followed along long enough to know books are a huge part of my life. Representation matters. I can’t tell you the times my young sons have asked for a library book with a family like theirs, only to be given something in a different language we can’t read or parents that don’t look like theirs. I purchased a book ledge from Ikea, strategically placed it in the bedroom for future foster children and filled it with diverse characters. I’ve shared of my favorite books for children in foster care. Please note- I am not including my affiliate links for these books, so I will not make a profit if you purchase these for your family or to gift to your friends. I just want to urge you to diversify your children’s libraries. Share experiences similar to theirs, but also different from theirs.

I’ve also included some of my favorite books for families discerning foster care. I love to research, and was so thankful I was able to get a few of these books off my list before our local library shut down. Please note some of these books are religious. Most of these books felt like a conversation with the author over coffee. Their years of experience speaking life into me while I sipped my morning coffee. I felt more equipped after reading their first hand experiences! Another book I wanted to suggest after it was recently recommended to me: Parenting with Theraplay. I’ve learned so much from this one!

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