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June 1, 2017

Summer is our birthday time, my poor husband is the only person in our family of four with a winter birthday. His birthday is basically Christmas, so he misses out on a lot of the goods. My birthday is in June, Sawyer is July, and Liam is late August. Usually I’m treated to all kinds of lovely things; last year my husband went to Jacobs the jeweller for my gifts, I was very lucky! We have had to cope with a lot of unexpected expenses this year so this time round we wanted to cut back a bit. As an alternative, we’re going to really try to make the most of the 200+ Birthday Freebies that are out there! A lot of these require you to sign up for their rewards programs, but in my experience this is no biggie. I suggest signing up before your birthday and making a little schedule based on when coupons expire to maximize your savings. Please note- I try to focus on the best savings opportunities, I didn’t research each free single scoop, milkshake, piece of dessert. You generally have to purchase something else with those deals and you don’t need that much dessert, ha!

Pip’s Donuts- Last year, I had an out of body experience I want to tell you about. Someone recommended a doughnut shop to me, Pip’s. If you know anything about me, then you know I am a doughnut person. I love them, easily my favorite dessert. Pip’s has mini doughnuts that are unique in flavor, and just.. so, so good. I have deleted and retyped my feelings about these doughnuts four times, because there just aren’t the words. On your birthday, you get 12 mini doughnuts for free.

Baskin Robbins- Free 3.2 oz ice cream. You need to sign up for their birthday club, super simple!

Red Robin- a free burger, ya’ll. A FREE BURGER. Might I suggest the bonzai on lettuce?

Moe’s Southwest Grill – A free burrito or bowl on your birthday, not too shabby.

Starbucks– free birthday drink!

Benihana– You’ll get a 30.00 credit towards your meal during your birthday month!

CVS Beauty Rewards- 3.00 extra care bucks. I like to pair this with a coupon deal or snag a free lipstick

Sephora- One of my favorite birthday surprises. No purchase necessary, and you get quality makeup goodies.

Ulta- Another great one! Birthday samples! I got an awesome mascara sample this year!

LEGO VIP- I’ve heard rumors you get great coupons throughout the year and a free minifigure on your birthday. I haven’t tested this one, but plan to sign up next time I need to make a purchase of LEGO Bricks.

Share your favorite birthday freebies in the comments below!

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    1. I never knew about Sephora and am kicking myself since my birthday was back in April! Thanks for this awesome list, I’m taking note and saving this post!

      1. They will let you get it! It’s one per year!

      1. Ask Sephora and Ulta. I know they for sure give you the reward any time of year!

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